Red Dead Redemption PC: Red Dead Redemption coming to PC via PlayStation

At last, Red Dead Redemption PC users are going to the Red Dead Redemption port they’ve been hoping and waiting for.

Rockstar and Sony announced that they plan on bringing Red Dead Redemption to the PlayStation Now streaming service. This service will let PS4 gamers to “stream” PS3 games to their system provided they pay the $19.99 a month service fee. This all means that gamers will get to play Red Dead Redemption PC provided they subscribe to the service.

I’m guessing this wasn’t what fans of the video game in mind when they thought of finally playing Rockstar’s wild west epic Red Dead Redemption on their PCs. However, the PlayStation Now’s PC service has gotten rave user reviews since it first unveiled. This all means that there is not so much room for an awful PC port of this one.

The official release date for the PlayStaion Now version of Red Dead Redemption has not been confirmed by Sony and Rockstar, but from the Blog post on the Official PlayStation blog, it suggests that the release date will be “soon.”

Also, the post informs us of an exclusive partnership between Rockstar and Sony concerning the release of  Red Dead Redemption 2. Sony also revealed that PS4 gamers will get “first access” to select the online content for the game. Just like in some similar cases in the past, this will probably be a reference to certain online content which will eventually be available for Xbox One players but will debut on PS4.

The nature of this exclusive content is also still a mystery.

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