Project Runway Recap: Project Runway ‘There IS Crying in Fashion’

On this Project Runway Recap of the reality TV Show, the Project Runway designers enjoyed some down time at a fancy party, but also found out that it was also another challenge. The Project Runway cast had to use the space in the party around them as inspiration to create a design for a luxurious cocktail dress.

This challenge may seem easy, but most of the designers had some struggles in finding out a way to make something so classic into something unique.

Here is a breakdown of the worst look and the best looks of Project Runway “There IS Crying in Fashion.”

Eliminated Look: Project Runway


Tasha’s look was eliminated. She had struggles with finding a way to design a cocktail dress for “her girl,” who practically has more street and hip-hop style. The silhouette of her look was way too basic, and the slapdash sash also didn’t help the sophistication of her look either.

Top Looks: Project Runway


While most designers, got their inspiration from the physical objects in the party space, Rik got his inspiration from the leather aprons which was worn by the bartenders at the party. His dress is also a wonderful interpretation of those aprons which gives off a peculiar unique steampunk vibe.


Laurence’s look was also among the top looks. She also proves once again how good she is at working with leather. Her dress was inspired by a Chesterfield sofa, with great shoulders and also quilted details. Laurence’s look was simply stunning.

The Winning Look: Project Runway Recap


There was some controversy on if Jenni stole Erin’s applique technique. However, the Project Runway Judges still agreed that her look was the best look of the runway TV show. The judges also thought that the look was sexy without being obvious, with a whimsical complement to the party space.

So, what are your thoughts on this Project Runway Recap? Did Jenni steal Erin’s idea? Did Tasha deserve to be eliminated? Please let me know in the comment box.

You can watch Project Runway Thursdays on Lifetime at 9/8c.

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