Project Runway Season 15 Recap: Just Fabulous!

Project Runway Season 15 is here again, and for the second challenge of Project Runway, it’s all about Breaking down the Best and Worst Looks of ‘Just Fabulous’


The project Runway 2016 designers were tasked to create an outfit for Just Fabulous!

In the second episode of Project Runway season 15, the Project Runway designers had to create a look that would make any woman with any size or age feel their most fabulous.

The winner will be granted immunity for the next challenge, and the look will be up for sale at Although, not every look for the TV Show is now available to buy, but some of the looks are worth noting.

Here is a look at the worst and also some of the best looks from the episode “Just Fabulous.”

The Eliminated Look


Linda is no doubt going to make a good designer, and may have not been the TV Show contestant who deserved to go home, but her creation or look was quite bad and definitely the worst of the bunch.

The edges on the kimono looked like she made a mistake, not so great. She was also criticized by the Project Runway  judges for working with knit since knit is a hard fabric for even a size zero model to pull off.

The Top Looks


The Project Runway judges were impressed with how Alex’s look was classic, sophisticated and also quite wearable. The judges also liked his tailoring. The only thing the judges didn’t like about the look was the crop top. This is because, most women of larger sizes tend to want to hide that area as opposed to flaunting the area.


Erin looks also scored the top looks for the second week in a row. The look was colorful and also playful on a runway which is quite full of dark and neutrals.

The Judges also loved how Erin could changes to the silhouette of the look with the colorful snapped belt. Project Runway Heidi also said she thought the dress would be better if the dress were sleeveless since the shape of the shoulder was a bit aggressive.

Winning Look


The Project Runway judges agreed that Laurence’s look would be the best for the JustFab woman (You can buy the look here at The Judges loved the creative details of the jumpsuit, and also thought that this look had great wearability while also staying high fashion.
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