Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 Premiere Recap: Chef Ramsay Returns with 18 New Chefs

Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 Premiered on Friday, September 23, 2016. In the TV Show, Chef Gordon Ramsay Returns with 18 New Chefs for the Reality TV Show competition.


For this season, 18 new contestants will compete for the chance of a lifetime which is to be the head chef at The Ventian Las Vegas’ multi-million dollar restaurant, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, and also with a cash reward of $250,000.

The First Surprise of Hell’s Kitchen Season 16

The 18 chefs arrive in Los Angeles, California to start Hell’s Kitchen Season 16. begin the season. They all looked more than ready for the cooking experience, with a remark from Johnny that “being yelled at by Chef Gordon Ramsay” is on his bucket list.

While the chefs were visibly excited to see Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Gordon, had a surprise for them of course. Their first destination was the training facility of the U.S. Army. Upon their arrival, Chef Ramsay pops out of a military tank and explains to them why they were not in the kitchen. He explained, “Before you can enter Hell’s Kitchen, I need to make sure that all of you have the discipline required to survive on the TV Show.”

The sergeants then directed the 18 Hell’s kitchen chefs to get into their military uniforms and start the obstacle course. Chef Ramsay then explains to them that must climb a wall before entering. The wall also suddenly falls on top of him, which shocks the chefs. But no need to get scared, it was all part of the plan, but that didn’t help the scared chefs.

Signature Dishes

After completing the army training, Chef Gordon orders the Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 chefs to create their own signature dishes in a space of 45 minutes. And just like always on the TV Show, the 18 contestants split into two teams: The men on the Blue Team versus the women on the Red Team.

After the chefs were done with their cooking, Chef Gordon tells them that their meals will be ranked on a scale from one to five. And the team with the most points will win.

The first up for women is Gia, and Pat for the men. Gia made shrimp and grits with bacon on top, and gets four points from Chef Gordon. While Pat’s sea bass scored him three points.

Chef Ramsay goes ahead to taste 22-year-old Aaron’s schnitzel and confesses that he is “struggling to fault it,” so he scored the dish four points. While Wendy wasn’t so lucky, the tomato soup dish had a strong scent of garlic, and got two points.

For single mother Heather, she made a rib-eye steak, which was “spot on” according to Chef Ramsay. He also awarded her the first perfect score for the night. “That’s what I call a signature dish,” Gordon exclaims.

Next in the Blue Team is Devin. His bacon-wrapped scallops fell short, and scored one point for Gordon. Devin’s competitor, Kimberly, also got a measly one point for her pasta, which was because she used canned clams in it rather than fresh ones.

Next up was Matt, he presented a bolognese made of pigeon breast. He scored one point as the whole meal seems to be nothing short of a disaster. While Matt’s competitor, Aziza, was hopeful that her salmon dish will help the women take the lead, got two point since Chef Ramsay is not a fan of how it looks.

Next on the Blue team is Genaro. He cooks a duck for his dish, but only receives one point. While Ryan on the Red team presented a seared scallops with Rice Krispies as seasoning. Chef Ramsay loved it, and gives her the third perfect score of the night on the TV Show.

With the Red team in the lead, Shaina hoped to keep the ball rolling. Her salmon ends up earning five points. While her competitor, Koop, receives a “strong four” from the chef.

Jessica dish earned one point, and Chef Gordon even spat it out. While Andrew scored two points for his mushrooms dish.

Blue team Johnny presented his steak to the chef, and Chef Gordon loved it. He even tells him that he “nailed” the steak and scored him four points on the TV Show. While Heidi also scored four points for the Red team as well, earning the women their first win of Hell’s Kitchen Season 16.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 | Dinner Service 

The 2 teams also reassemble in their respective kitchens on the TV Show for their first dinner service of Hell’s Kitchen Season 16. While Marino brings the guests in, the chefs got ready to get to work.

The Blue Team had some major trouble almost immediately. Pat presents his risotto dish to Chef Ramsay, and he loses it. “How’d you manage to make a risotto look like a bowl of vomit that’s been dipped in oil?” Ramsay asked Pat, before telling him to “get this s**t out of here.”

Meanwhile, the Red Team were in a completely different world. Gordon tries Jessica’s scallops first, which he loved. This also helps the Red team to get their appetizers out on time.

The Blue Team couldn’t get it together. And when Chef Ramsay asked for the scallops, Matt says they aren’t done yet. When Andrew says that the scallops should be cooked by now, Matt serves them to Gordon. The dish end up being raw and no one will own up to cooking them that way. Matt also tried to throw Andrew under the bus, even though it’s his fault since he actually cooked them.

Matt also tried to make it seem like Gordon’s fault, since he asked him to serve the scallops. He even tells Chef Ramsay to “look at the cameras,” which makes Ramsay to lose it and get in Matt’s face.

The Aftermath | Elimination

After the Blue Team’s terrible performance in the dinner service, Gordon calls them pathetic, while praising the Red Team for doing very well and for also working as a team. He also told the Blue team that they must choose two nominees that they think should go home.

While most of the Blue Team tried to nominate Pat and Paulie, Pat refused to go down without a fight. He explained that Matt and Genaro should be chosen since they continuously served raw fish.

When they met with Ramsay for elimination, they choose Pat as the first nominee as a result of his vomit-like risotto, and also Matt for his raw fish debacle.

Pat was eventually asked to turn in his jacket, which made him the first chef eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen Season 16.

At the end of the episode, Chef Gordon doesn’t want to hear any excuses from the men in the TV Show. But he had a piece of advice for them. “Do me a favor — grow up,” he tells them.

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