Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting: Chef Gordon Makes a Shocking Elimination 

After the big fight in the Red Team between Gia and Kimberly, and Jessica’s elimination from the TV Show. Let’s find out if the Red Team can recover in this episode of Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting.

Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting | Hell’s Kitchen Recap 

After Jessica’s elimination, Gia breaks down. She is upset on how close she came to going home and is also angry that her teammates are so rough on her. “These bitches are savages,” Gia says.

Gia promises to come back stronger and better, she and the rest of her teammates head into the kitchen for the next challenge of the show.

For the challenge on Hell’s Kitchen Recap of this episode, the teams (both Red and Blue) will be divided into groups of two. And each group will have to taste one of the four entrees in front of the one at a time. The group must also run over to the large array of meats, and select which two they think the entree is made up. And after selecting, they must place them on their platform. If it turns red, then it means that both types of meat are wrong, and if it turns yellow, it means one of the meats is wrong.

Chef Gordon, however, cannot tell them which meats are wrong. The winning team will be the team to guess the two types of meat in all four meals correctly, and also in the shortest amount of time.

The Red Team started first. Ryan and Heidi paired up, and they taste a dish of guinea fowl and shrimp. The duo knows immediately that one of the meats is shrimp, but became confused on what the other is. The pair also tried turkey and chicken, but eventually selects the guinea fowl and get it right.

Gia and Kimberly also paired up for the challenge, despite their big blowout in the recent episode. The duo also did well, by just taking a few tries and guessing correctly that their dish is made up of bay scallop and also venison.

When it got to Shaina and Aziza’s turn, the pair brought the Red Team down. Their meal was made up of octopus and squab, but the duo continuously got both types of meat wrong in each of their guesses. They finally get it right, after eight long minutes. The pair was still confused as to what exactly a squab is.

After Aziza and Shaina have taken up so much time, Wendy and Heather will need to make up for that. Their dish was made up of monkfish and buffalo. They also guessed correctly in just a few seconds.

So in total, the Red Team’s time is 13 minutes and 41 seconds.

The Blue Team had a good start, with Johnny and Paulie taking only a few tries, before out the guinea fowl and shrimp dish.

Aaron and Andrew also did well, by taking only 54 seconds to guess the venison and bay scallop platter dish.

And just like it happened with Aziza and Shaina, Devin and Koop also had a hard time on the squab and octopus meal. The pair tried a large variety of meats before getting it right. Aziza felt vindicated by this, as she’s not the only one who is confused by squab. “What the hell is a squab?” she asks.

The Last group of the team is Paulie and Matt. The duo only had about five minutes to figure out the monkfish and buffalo dish. While the pair knows it is buffalo, they just can’t seem to pick the right turf. They choose the monkfish in the end, with four minutes to spare. This made the Blue Team winner of yet another challenge on Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting.

The Men Going Too Far | Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting

As a reward for winning the challenge, Chef Gordon awards men with a day of surfing in San Diego. He also sends them for training at the Wave House, with the best artificial waves to make sure they’re truly ready for the activity.

For losing in the challenge, The Red Team will be up to their necks in the turf. This is because they must spend the whole day making sausages from scratch. Some of the ladies still had fun with the task, even if it seems like a rough task.

The ladies must also chow down on different dishes that were placed in front of them. Kimberly must eat testicles, while Ryan must eat a tarantula. However, with the aid of a trusty hot sauce, Kimberly even enjoyed her meal.

Coming back from their reward, the Blue Team decides to break down one of the ladies, hoping to get the particular chef out of the reality TV competition. The men think they did that to Jessica successfully, and plan on doing it to Kimberly too. “I just can’t wait to make her cry,” Johnny says.

Johnny goes on to attack Kimberly by calling her “rat face” and also asking her if she has any cheese. Andrew also enters the room screaming at her, demanding to know if she thinks she will make it further than Johnny in the reality TV competition. The ladies are totally shocked by this.

The Dinner Service | Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting

As the doors to Hell’s Kitchen opens, the Blue Team hopes to continue winning. The Red Team, on the other hand, wants to prove that they can bounce back after losing. “Cook with confidence” Chef Gordon tells them to encourage them.

Both teams had some challenges with the appetizers. In the Red Team’s kitchen, Chef Ramsay notices that Aziza’s scallops are way too fatty, and make her redo them since deep-fried scallops are not on the menu.

The Blue Team also had some issues as well. Although Koop was quite confident that he’ll “kill” his lobster for the risotto, Chef Ramsay it to be ice cold. Both Aziza and Koop were able to correct and move on from their mistakes, getting the appetizers out in their respective teams. Talking about her scallop issue, Aziza says… “I’ll never do that again.”

Moving on to entrees, Gordon tells both teams that there is a table of 12 VIPs and that some of them are pregnant. He tells the teams to split the table between themselves, so they can get their food out as fast as possible.

The Blue Team didn’t have a good start, which is because Koop delivers raw salmon. But his mistake is not as bad as Gia’s on the Red Team. While her team’s entrees are done, she’s still not through with the garnishes. Her teammates think this could cost Gia her game. Speaking about this, Kimberly says...”Gia’s sinking tonight like the Titanic on that cold winter’s day.”

Gia’s attitude gets the best of her. When Chef Ramsay tells her what to do to improve her garnishes, she just throws her hands up. Chef Ramsay sees this as a sign of disrespect, but Gia says that it’s just the New York in her. Ryan also steps in to help, which allows half of the entrees to reach the table of 12.

Once the Blue Team gets their entrees out, Chef Gordon and the rest of the men are fed up with Aaron for not speaking up when he should. Things for the team get worse, however, as Koop’s sea bass are overcooked and Aaron’s beef Wellington is cold. Chef Gordon kicks the men out of the kitchen, after having enough on this episode of Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting. This makes the Red Team winner of the dinner service.

The Elimination | Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting

Heading back to the dorms, the Blue Team heads decides who their two nominees should be. The men all agreed that Koop should be on the block as a result of his numerous mishaps with the fish on this episode of Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting.

Some of the men also think that Aaron should join Koop. Andrew, however, tries his best to defend Aaron, throwing Devin as a second option.

When the men met with Chef Gordon in Hell’s Kitchen, they revealed their two nominees as Koop and Aaron. Both of them understand that they messed up, and also promise to fix their mistakes. Chef Ramsay is however not sure if Aaron’s communication problem can be resolved.

However, Chef Gordon makes a shocking announcement that neither Aaron nor Koop will be going home. He eliminates Gia Instead because she is not ready to become the head chef of the Venetian. The Red Team is very happy to finally see Gia go home, even though she is one of them.

What are your thoughts about this episode of Hell’s Kitchen Surf Riding & Turf Fighting? Was it fair that Gia went home instead of Aaron or Koop? Will the Red Team perform better now that Gia is gone? Please let me know all of your thoughts in the comment box.

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