The Amazing Race Australia Auditions 2017: How to apply for the Amazing Race Australia

The Amazing Race Australia Auditions requirements may be based on the requirements from previous seasons. The Amazing Race Australis is also one of the Popular Reality Tv Shows In Australia. The Reality TV show is a game show which is based it’s similarly named American counterpart reality show The Amazing Race.

The First two seasons of The Amazing Race Australia were produced in conjuction with activeTV and ABC Studios. Future season on the reality TV Show would be produced by Seven Network with distributions rights with Disney Media Distribution Asia –Pacific. The Amazing Race Australia host is a New Zealand-born actor Grant Bowler. Also, the grand prize for the winning team in the show is A$250,000.

About The Amazing Race Australia

The Amazing Race Australia is a reality TV that is based on racing competion between teams of two. In the competition, the race is divided into number of parts known as legs. The teams are also required to travel and complete the given tasks which will provide them with clues to move on to the next leg after finding a pit stop. Once the teams are at the pit stops, they rest and also recover at these stops for about 12-hour before moving on to the next leg. The team also gets various yellow and red route markers through which they progress. The last remaining team in each leg will be eliminated form the race. The final leg of the race will only include three teams competing amongst themselves. A cash prize of A$250,000 will be given to the winning team.

Will There Be A The Amazing Race Australia Auditions 2017:

All eyes are set for The Amazing Race Australia Auditions 2017, since The Amazing Race Australia did not return in 2016. Fans of the reality TV Show has been asking continuously, and also waiting for a new season. There has been no official news or comment, but if visit Amazing Race Australia official fb page, you will read visitors post and also comments, and see how eagerly fans are waiting for a new season and also wants to participate in the auditions.

The Amazing Race Australia Auditions 2017:

No official announcements has been made about The Amazing Race Australia Auditions 2017, but you can also visit the official website to get the latest update

The Amazing Race Australia Auditions 2017 Requirement:

The auditions requirements and details has not been officially announced. But based on previous seasons of the reality TV show, the expected requirement will be that:

  • There must be 2 applicants in a team
  • You should be 21 years or more
  • Both applicants in the team should be residents of Australia or New Zealand
  • The applicants must share about themselves
  • They must also say why they want to join the race
  • The applicants will provide 3 passport size photos of themselves

More details about The Amazing Race Australia Auditions 2017 will be updated if announced.

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