Project Runway Season 15 Episode 5: “There Is No ‘I’ in ‘Team”

In Project Runway Season 15 Episode 5. the Project Runway designers were split into two teams of six, to be able to create a mini-collection with four looks. The teams budget was determined by a pitch they made to the Project Runway Judges. The judges then decided how much money to invest their respective lines.

The Team House of Bouton gave a better pitch, and eventually the better line. However, Team Unity, fell flat.
Here is a breakdown of the bottom and the top looks. Please tell me what you think in the comment box!

The Eliminated Look

It’s been a rough week for Alex. His look was the least liked in Project Runway Season 15 Episode 5. And also, the concept of the collection in his team and also the pitch were all his responsibility, which he bombed totally. But to his credit, he accepted his mistakes, But the mistakes cost him his spot in the reality TV competition.

The Top Looks

Erin’s ideas contributed to the success of this collection. The Project runway Judges fell in love with the sparky embellishments, especially the on this coat and also the bright yellow color.
This coat was totally Erin’s signature. Even though it looked like those two fabrics would not go together, she somehow she made it into high-fashion.

Laurence and Tasha

Although Tasha made the bright yellow skirt on this look, but it’s Laurence’s leather jacket look that is the stand-out piece. The jacket would also look good with any other piece in the collection, and also stands to look amazing if paired with just about anything in the rest of a woman’s wardrobe.

The Winning Look

Dexter won this challenge on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 5 through his leadership skills. His pitch was also on point and not only that, he was the one responsible for getting the bigger budget for his team. Heidi and Nina loved his denim pantsuit as well, calling the look fun, chic and also sophisticated.
So who made your favorite look? Please let me know.
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