Australian Survivor Winner 2016: Kristie Bennett Crowned Winner!

Australian Survivor winner 2016 is Kristie Bennett! Kristie Bennett has revealed that her win in Australian Survivor is a win for anyone who feels different in life.Australian Survivor Winner 2016: Kristie Bennett Crowned Winner!

Australian Survivor Winner 2016 Kristie, 24, took home the title of sole Survivor with a landslide win over another player Lee Carseldine, 41, a formal professional cricketer Lee Carseldine, taking home a grand prize of $500,000 in the process.

Kristie won against all odds, even with all the times she came close to being eliminated. She was underestimated by most of her fellow contestants, and I think that worked out well for her, making her Australian Survivor Winner 2016.

Following her win, Kristie Australian Survivor Winner 2016 said….

“I’m taking one for all the people that feel a little bit different, a little bit weird, who don’t quite fit the mode of what society thinks of them.” “I’m taking one for all the people that feel a little bit different, a little bit weird, who don’t quite fit the mode of what society thinks of them.” “I believe that I’ve proven, it’s OK to be yourself, no matter what.” “If you hold your own, it doesn’t matter.” “You don’t have to be the most popular person, or the cool kid, or anything like that, if you are just yourself, people will respect that.”

At the end of the reality game show, Kristie Bennett won a marathon and an emotional six-and-a-half-hour immunity challenge to make the final two, and also taking her biggest supporter Carseldine over El Rowland.

Bennett upon her win now plans to tour around the country with her winnings.

 “I am going to buy and convert a van and do it up and travel around Australia,” she said.

“I’m also going to rescue the oldest dog from the dog shelter to take with me.”

Being the Australian Survivor Winner 2016 is a dream come true for Bennett, as she has watched the reality game show ever since she was eight with her father, Anthony Bennett.

“I just don’t even have words to comprehend it,” she said.

“I have now achieved my life-long goal at 24.”

The six-and-a-half-hour immunity challenge saw Bennett, Rowland, and second runner-up Carseldine standing on two small poles with one hand on and idol, which was quite an emotional experience for all three contestants.Australian Survivor Winner 2016: Kristie Bennett Crowned Winner!

Some family members, including Kristie’s father Anthony, arrived just before it started, and Kristie said that it gave her a lift to become the Australian Survivor Winner 2016.

“That is exactly what I needed,” she said.

“If I wasn’t already 100 per cent, I was a 1000 per cent winning that challenge, no matter what when I saw him.”

“What went through my head when I saw him, I just felt like that eight-year-old girl, having her dream come to life.”

“It was a fairytale.”

“We had written off family coming, and to share that experience with my dad, it was the best day of my entire life.”

Rowland fell off after the six-hour mark, and Kristie pleaded with Carseldine, promising to take him to the top two.Australian Survivor Winner 2016: Kristie Bennett Crowned Winner!

But Kristie outlasted him at the end anyway.

Runner-up Carseldine also confirmed that Bennett the winner of Australian Survivor 2016 won the immunity challenge on her own merit and that he didn’t stand down just so she could get to the top two.

“I just dropped.” “My body just shut down.”

“My body just shut down.”
“I’ll be very disappointed if people accuse me of falling off after six hours.”

“The way that I finished, I finished on the ground.”

“My knees and my back were cooked anyway.”

“I stayed as still as long as I could like a statue.”

“But what had happened, the water was splashing and it was so cold, the blood wasn’t going through my body, and I just fell.”

As for Kristie, the moment she realized that she was going to the final two was incredible for her.

“In my head when I was sitting on the ground then, Jonathan came over,” she said.

“I could I see his face and my Dad’s face and I just go, I won it.

“I’ve won it.”

“That’s all that went through my head.”

“I have beaten the two players that nobody thought I could beat,” she said

And from that moment, she never even thought of taking anyone else but Carseldine to the final two.

“I knew for a very long time that I was going to take Lee,” Bennett said.

“Ever since the merge, it was definitely taking Lee to the end.

“Lee got me back in the game.”

“He gave me the time of day, if anything it was a respect thing.”

“Ultimately, I chose Lee and El in the top 3, because I knew I could live with my decision if I lost to either of them.”

Carseldine looked after Kristie in Samoa, otherwise that, she said it was a lonely experience because she played an individual game.

“I felt very lonely,” she said.

“There were a lot of times where I’d just be by myself, me sitting by myself, no one would talk to me.”

“I felt real isolated at times and just thinking, can we just talk about food? It’s not going to hurt your game.”

“There were definitely times where I was like, I wish I had some friends here, but I knew that my friends and family were backing me no matter not.”

“But even in times where I did feel really lonely out there, in my head, I knew that it was OK.”

At the end of the game, Bennett described her game to the entire jury, who respected the way she played, — a subtle game.

“The moment I walk in with that immunity necklace, I think that was the moment they went, this girl could have been playing us,” she said.

“Then when I came out exploding, as I kept talking, I was bringing up some points you just couldn’t argue with.”

Kristie ended up easily winning over the tribal council with her succinct arguments.

“It was so nice to be able to just tell it how it is, without having to worry about it,” she said.

“But also for Australia to see the other side of me.”

“I had to show one very small part of my personality to win the game because I wanted to win the game.”

“I think in that jury time, I get to show Australia who I am, all of me.”

Carseldine was also incredibly proud of how he played the game as best he could, with honesty and integrity.

“To come close, and to fall short but that happens,” Carseldine said.

“I’m used to that, with my background in sport.”

“I’m still trying to process it the same way as playing a game as well.”

“It’s a little bit different this time because there is a lot of human emotion with it.”

“It is what it is, and I couldn’t be happier for Kristie.”

“Obviously I would have loved El and myself to make it to the final two, but there is hardly ever a fairytale when it comes to Survivor.”

“But Kristie went through some hardships and it was amazing for her to win, and that’s what Survivor is all about.”

Carseldine was also especially proud to give a good and positive example to his two boys — Jake, 10, and Sam, 8.

“It has been one of the most amazing things to get out of the whole experience,” he said.

“To be able to sit down and watch it with them over the last few months, what better way to show my boys to get out there and have a crack at things.”

Carseldine’s boys joined him after the final tribal council in Samoa in what he described as an incredibly emotional experience.

He also said he has only respect for Bennett, and that both he and Rowland have kept in touch since it finished.

“I have huge respect for everyone in the game, but obviously I just want to make sure El and I are there for her if she needs us,” he said.

“If she needs to pick up the phone, El and I will always be there for her.”

Although he lost the title of sole winner of Australian Survivor, Carseldine has also emerged a winner. He has found a new partner in Rowland, and a television career could just be in the making.

He is also keen to do more media, and will also be involved in Ten’s Big Bash coverage.

“There’s definitely opportunities, it’s just about sitting down and thinking about what path I’ll take,” he said.

“Exactly like the Survivor experience, I’m open to having a go at things to see what I really enjoy, and TV and media are definitely one of them.”

Australian Survivor will be back next year, Click Here to read how you can apply for the Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions.

I’m so happy for Kristie for becoming the Australian Survivor Winner 2016 ! Congrats to her..


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