Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions And Application Details

Survivor Australia is a reality game show that is based on the Popular Survivor show format. These survivor formats game shows are featured in several countries, and the reality game show is also an international hit.

The reality game show revolves around about fifteen players who are left in an isolated location to survive by their selves, with providing themselves with water, food, fire and shelter. They participants are also made to compete in some challenges which will grant them rewards and also immunity from elimination.

At the end of each challenge, one player is eliminated from the TV show with each moving phase of the game with their fellow teammates voting against them. Towards the end of the reality game show, only one player is left eligible for the Sole Australian survivor title and is also rewarded with a cash sum of A$500,000.

The Australian Survivor generally follows the same format and rules as the American version. The contestants are divided into two or three “tribes”. As the elimination continues, the few players left in the end are merged into a single tribe and will play individually. When only two people remain, the “Final Tribal Council” is held where the aspiring contestants will present their case to convince the jury of why they deserve to win. The jury will then vote for which finalist should be awarded the title of “Sole Australian Survivor”

What we are Looking for: Survivor Australia Season 2

  • Men and Women of all backgrounds and locations around Australia
  • Candidates must be physically and mentally strong enough to survive in some of the toughest conditions ever experienced
  • You must also be able to engage with others, you must be confident and also be comfortable living in close quarters with strangers.

 Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions Requirements:

Here are some of the requirements to apply for Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions:

  • You must be 18 years or above by January 1, 2017
  • You must be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident
  • Contestants must know how to swim
  • You must also be available for a period of 10 weeks for the shoot. Dates TBC

Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions: How to Apply

  • You must fill out the entire application form (please note that this may take you up to a couple of hours)
  • You must also upload 2 pictures of yourself 1: a recent, clear photograph of yourself (no hats or sunglasses), 2: a picture that best reflects you as a person
  • Applicants must submit an online Video along with the application form and photos. The video is to be a maximum of 3 minutes and it should also sum up why we should pick you for Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions, and why you believe you have what it takes to become sole Survivor for 2017.

If you successfully complete the above and be suitable for the next stage, Endemol Shine Australia’s Casting Team will contact you to discuss the next steps.


Apply Now For Survivor Australia Auditions Here or Here

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