The Voice: The Voice Winners | Who Won The Voice 2016?

Who won the voice 2016? The Voice winners for The voice season 11 has been crowned by The Voice judges. Continue to read  more..

The voice winners 2016 is Sundance Head. He was picked over the initial front runner Billy Gilman to be The Voice winners 2016. Sundance who was formally known as Jason Head, was named the champion of The Voice season 11 during Tuesday night’s live finale broadcast on NBC.

The Voice Winners Sundance is a 37-year-old musician from Houston, TX who resides presently in Porter, TX. He was on Blake Shelton’s team and marked The Voice coach’s fifth win overall since The Voice Season 1. As The Voice winners, Sundance earned the title of “The Voice” and also a recording contract.

In a video montage which was played before The Voice host Carson Daly announced The Voice results, Sundance said…

“It’s taken my whole life to get here now, and I can absolutely find redemption and prove to everyone that I have what it takes. A lot of things have happened — good things, bad things — and I feel those things every time I get on the stage and sing, so to win would be something wonderful for me.”

He also thanked his coach Blake for “being so sweet” to him and such a “genuine person.” Blake also acknowledged that winning The Voice would “mean everything” to Sundance and his family. Sundance defeated runner-up

Before the announcement of The voice results which named Sundance The Voice winners 2016, Billy said the following:

“I never thought I would be here and it’s an amazing thing, it would be a win for all the underdogs who ever felt rejected, alone. That’s the win for me.”

Speaking with his coach Adam Levine, Billy admitted that, “It’s been a real struggle all these years, and you finally found my voice and gave me my voice back in a way I never thought possible.”

Adam also had nice things to say about Billy. He said he “the real deal” and “as good as it gets.”

Third place on The Voice winners is We McDonald, a 17-year-old from Paterson, NJ and represented coach Alicia Keys. Finishing in fourth place was Josh Gallagher, a 25-year-old from Johnstown, PA who resides currently in Nashville, TN. Josh was also on Adam’s team.

The Voice Winners Sundance was crowned based on the home viewer cast following Monday night’s Top 4 final performance. During the show on Monday night, each artist on The Voice was given the chance to sing one cover song and also a duet with his or her coach. Each of The Voice contestants was also given a chance to debut an original song which was either written by or for the Voice contestant that had also been recorded in a studio for release.

The Voice host Carson revealed on Tuesday night that all four finalists’ original songs had landed in the Top 10 on the iTunes singles chart which is an amazing feat.

The Voice finale broadcast also featured some entertaining performances from some big names in the Music industry like: John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, Sting Cam, the Weekend, Kiss and also the original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

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