Opera Mini Browser: Opera Mini Download | Opera Mini App Review

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Opera mini is one of the web browser available. Opera mini browser is build to work on just mobile devices, but it also has its own PC version known as Opera browser. The app is also very fast, and also has all the unique features which other web browsers has.Opera Mini Browser: Opera Mini Download | Opera Mini App Review

Opera mini browser also has a compatibility mode which enables the Opera mini app to run on all mobile devices from Java to Android.

The app Opera mini browser was developed mainly for the sole purpose of economizing mobile data for mobile users. When you use this Opera mini browser, all the web pages you browse will be automatically compressed to suit your mobile view.

The mobile web browser also has the ability to option out Javascript from running in the background of your browser. When this happens, JavaScript will just run for some seconds on the Opera mini server before it pause.

Opera Mini Download | How to download opera mini on Any Device

Opera mini app can be gotten on all mobile store like Google play store, Blackberry app store, Apple store and also Windows app store. You can also download Opera mini for free. If you use any mobile device that does not support app store, you can then visit the official Opera mini link m.opera.com to download the Opera mini software to your device.

Opera Mini | How to use Opera Mini browser

Using the Opera mini browser after Opera mini download is very easy. Please follow the steps below on how to use Opera mini browser:

  • After you must have downloaded and installed the app successfully, just click on the short-cut icon on your devive which was created by the app during installation.
  • Once you click on the icon, the app will automatically be launched.
  • After that, you can enter any web address in the URL area, found at the top of the home page of the app.
  • You will also see the search box, which is provided whenever you want to make a direct search on the web.
  • Once you enter a search word in the search box, you will see several search engines to choose from. You will see search engines like Google, Wikipedia and others. All you have to do is choose your preferred search engine and continue with the search.
  • Bookmarks can also be created with Opera mini browser. This is done on the home screen for quick and fast access to a particular page you want to go to, or to a page you frequent. This bookmarks can also be called speed dial.
  • If you want to add a new bookmark, just click on the plus icon and then enter the web address that you want to bookmark.
  • But if you have any bookmark or speed dials that you do not like, all you have to do is to hold down on it click on either delete or edit, so you can edit the web address.
  • This Opera mini browser can also be opened on multiple pages and in different tabs.

Opera mini is a super cool web browser for your mobile devices, which will help you conserve and minimize the rate of data usage. Opera mini does this by compressing or reducing the pages so it can fit your device.