Survivor Series 2016: Two Tribes Becomes Three, “CeCe” voted out of her new tribe

In this episode of the Survivor Series 2016, the Millennials vs. Gen X tribes were switched up into three tribes. Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor was also voted off the TV Show by her new tribe mates during Wednesday night’s Episode 5 broadcast on the CBS Network.

CeCe, 39 is an insurance adjuster from Granada Hills, CA, and became the fifth castaway voted out of the Survivor Season 33 on Night 15 at the TV game’s fifth Tribal Council session.

This new Vanua tribe features a mix of millennials and Gen Xers, and also had to vote out one of their team member after losing the fifth Immunity Challenge to the opposing Ikabula and Takali tribes.

Following her ouster on the fifthe episode of Survivor Series 2016, CeCe said…

“I was blindsided. My two fellow Gen Xers voted against me, and going forward, they are going to lose. I think it was the dumbest mistake that they made. Also, i feel betrayed, but I played as hard as I could. I strategized and I snuck in. I absolutely believe that my kids will be very proud about how far I came in the game and that I did my best.” 

The broadcast of the Survivor Series 2016, began on Night 12 at the Gen X tribe.

The “Takali” tribe consisted of CeCe; Sunday Burquest, a 45-year-old youth pastor from Ostego, MN; David, a 42-year-old television writer from Sherman Oaks, CA; Chris Hammons, a 38-year-old trial lawyer from Moore, OK; Jessica Lewis, a 37-year-old assistant district attorney from Voorheesville, NY; Bret LaBelle, a 42-year-old police sergeant from Dedham, MA;  and also Ken McNickle, a 33-year-old model from Denver, CO.

David had some doubts about playing his hidden Immunity Idol for Jessica. He didn’t know if he had made the right decision, since he just saved someone whom no one really wanted to work with, which made him vulnerable.

Jessica had to show her gratitude by telling Ken that she has “a legacy advantage.” This means that if she remains in the TV game on Day 36, she’d receive an advantage in the Survivor Series 2016 reality TV game. She also told them if voted out, that would hand him (Ken) the advantage to use. Her admission to Ken did build trust between the pair.

On Day 13, members of the Gen X tribe openly had an “idol search party” since a new idol would now be in play. Since David was the only one in the Gen X tribe who once had an idol, he also knew that they had to look for a symbol of their tribe in order to find it. This knowldege gave him an advantage, and once he spotted a log with the symbol on it, he broke it open and found another idol!

When the tribes gathered for what they assumed was a Reward Challenge, The Survivor Host Jeff asked everyone of them to drop their buffs, revealing that the tribes would be mixed up into three separate tribes.

He also revealed that the castaways to draw orange buffs would return to the millennials’ beach and be called Tribe Vanua. Those who draw purple buffs would return to Gen X’s camp and be called Tribe Takali. And lastly, the castaways who draws the green buffs would move over to a brand new beach where they must start afresh.

This new tribe would be called Ikabula. There also get to have one extra person since there would be no food and since they must also build a whole new shelter.

Tribe Ikabula comprised of Jay, Will, Hannah, Bret, Michaela and also Sunday. The new Vanua tribe comprised of CeCe, David, Chris, Zeke and also Michelle. While the Takali tribe comprised of Taylor, Figgy, Jessica, Adam, and also Ken.

Zeke did’nt like the fact that he was stuck with Michelle, being the one person from the millennials’ tribe whom he didn’t trust, and also the Gen Xers.

On Day 13, at the Ikabula’s camp, Bret feared that he and Sunday were in some “serious trouble” as a result of the numbers, but still had the determination to make it through. Jay got started at building the shelter, he said that the millennials aren’t just dreamers, that they are “relentless.”

Speaking to the cameras, Jay said that the Gen Xers would be the first castaways to go home.

While Taylor wanted to be out in public declaring his love for her, Figgy rejected the idea since it’ll only make look like a power couple in front of their new tribemates, which would do more harm than good, putting a huge target on their backs.

Adam also told the cameras in a confessional that Figgy and Taylor’s partnership was “worthless.” He also explained that it was his “worst nightmare” to still be in a new tribe only Figgy and Taylor from his former tribe. He said that Figgy constantly lies, and also called her “controlling.”

Ken and Adam bonded, since he thought Adam was polite, positive and also respectful. While Ken hoped that there was a chance for the Gen Xers, Adam also noted that he’d be the swing vote going forward with a pair on each side.

On day 14 at the Vanua’s camp, Michelle admitted she was scared since she was alone with Zeke. However, Chris, liked the fact that Zeke was an Oklahoma boy and a country boy at heart. Chris also felt that he was in a good place and a better position on this tribe,  and was also ready to make big moves.

Chris also comforted the millennials by telling them that they weren’t screwed going forward. This was mainly because he was looking forward to working with Zeke. Zeke, on the other hand, was excited about The Survivor Series 2016 TV game with a former football player whom he also idolized as a kid.

Back at the Ikabula’s camp that day, the new tribe couldn’t start a fire, meaning they couldn’t eat or even boil water.

Michaela came to the rescue, and succeded in making the fire. Bret was happy for her, and at that moment, everyone was back to life. Michaela also realized all the hardship and pain and hardship which comes with playin the game was all worth it with the chances of winning the money and helping her family.

On Day 15, the three tribes then gathered for an Immunity Challenge. The Survivor Host Jeff explained to them that the first two tribes to finish would be safe from the vote.

For the challenge, each tribe was required to send one person out to dive down, retrieve a buoy and also swim it to a platform. And then the next person goes.

After a tribe has collected all five buoys, the tribe had to pick between immediately throwing this retrieved buoys in an attempt to land them in a basket, or there can take the time to pull the basket closer, which will make it easier to score. The first two tribes that will be able to make five baskets would win immunity.

Michaela won the Immunity challenge for the Ikabula tribe, with Takali tribe coming second. The Vanua tribe lost this Immunity challenge.

Since CeCe and David didn’t perform so well in the Immunity challenge, Zeke was angry, and also hoped that Chris would make a big move. CeCe said she felt like she was in a recurring nightmare, but was also that she was not on the bottom. CeCe was quite convinced that either Zeke or Michelle was going to be voted off.

Chris did’nt trust CeCe and Dave, and said that they had backstabbed him before, and so one of them needs to go. Cris needed a big alliance to protect him in the merge. While CeCe was Chris’s target, CeCe was also certain Michelle was her alliance’s target.

Chris told Dave that they had to get rid of CeCe. Dave was nervous about this suggestion since Chris had Zeke and Michelle on his side. Dave also wanted Chris to think that he could trust him. Since Chris has been “burnt”by David twice, he didn’t know if he would stay true to his word.

Michelle talked to CeCe about how she was to be voted out. She wanted David out since she was much stronger in the game than David, and that she’d be willing to make a deal with her since she’s at the bottom.

CeCe told Dave right after that Michelle wanted the tribe to go after him instead since he’s weak and clumsy. Dave didn’t trust Michelle, and worried that if CeCe got voted out of the tribe, that it would leave him as the weakest player, making him more vulnerable.

Dave contemplated using his hidden Immunity Idol to save CeCe and remove Michelle. This is because Chris, Michelle and Zeke could ultimately form an alliance and vote him out at the next Tribal Council.

Tribal Council | Survivor Series 2016

At Tribal Council night, Zeke announced that he was a provider for the tribe, and that he was ready to make a move with some of the Gen Xers. Chris also confirmed that he had a lot in common with Zeke.

CeCe said that she had some concerns that Chris might want to work with Zeke and vote out a Gen Xer. David also felt a need to prove his loyalty to Chris and said that he was going to show that at Tribal council.

Chris revealved that he was taking a risk on working with David. Michelle also said that it wasn’t smart for Chris to trust someone who had blindsided him twice before. She suggested Chris vote out David instead.

David decided against using his hidden Immunity Idol after the votes were cast.

Survivor Series 2016 Host Jeff then revealed the votes in the following order: Michelle, CeCe, CeCe and CeCe.

CeCe clearly shocked said “Wow,” before departing the Survivor Series 2016 TV game.

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