Spider-Man Homecoming – New Spiderman Movie Looking To Cast Featured Roles & Background Actors

Do you want to cast for a small role in the spider-man homecoming new movie?

If you reside Atlanta, you may just be lucky since the latest addition to the Spiderman franchise, “Spider-man Homecoming” is now filming in the Atlanta.

Spider-man Homecoming has been releasing new casting calls a few times a week and is quite interested in Atlanta locals who might be interested in been cast as featured extras, paid movie extras, stand-ins and also photo doubles in the new movie project.

In the new Spider-man Homecoming, Tom Holland will repeat his role as Peter Parker, also known as the Spider-Man.

This new Spiderman TV Shows was also introduced in the last Captain America movie which was also filmed in Atlanta.

Some time ago, Sony had a deal with Marvel, which allowed them to borrow each other’s character for their movie. Well, it seems Sony will get to borrow Iron Man from Marvel for this movie.

According to Spiderman’s IMDB page, Iron Man will make an appearance in the new Spider-Man movie.

Robert Downey Jr. is the cast to play Iron Man / Tony Stark. Marisa Tomei will play Aunt May, while Jon Favreau, Michael Keaton, and Zendaya will also be part of the Spider-man Homecoming cast

The Spider-man Homecoming release date is set to be next summer on July 7th, 2017, and not much is known about the plot yet, except a brief description from IMDB….A young Peter Parker / Spider-man starts to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging superhero.

It’s important to note that you must live in Atlanta Georgia or around the area to be considered for the role.


Spider-man movies extras – Featured role/family

Casting for Women and Men

Russian or Russian or Eastern European looks to be featured as a family.

A Russian family, watching a TV Show together, and will also react to some action.

For the Dad, between the age of 40 to 65

The Mom or Grandma, between the age of 40 to 80

The Daughter (Blonde), between the age of 20 to 40

Sons between the ages of 20 to 40.

Some Important Notes

This works this Tuesday 20th September 2016 in Atlanta.

The start time will be in the morning, and it will is not going to be a long day.

The pay rate is about $100 for 8 hr for each person.

Please submit your application to SoGextras@tscasting.com, and also put the subject line as “Russian Family”

Please Include The Following Pictures

  • Clear, Current Photos. One of them should be from the shoulders up, and another from the knees up.
  • They should also be a picture without smiling, and another while smiling.
  • You should also list the following:
  • your first and last name
  • your phone number or numbers
  • The name of your city and state where you live or be coming from.
  • Your email address, age, weight, height, and sizes. For women (Dress, waist, bust/bra/cup, shoe, and pants). For Men, (Jacket, collar, waist, sleeve, inseam and shoe)
  • Also remember to list your nationality/ethnicity as requested below. And if you’re a real family, please submit in one email.

Extra Cast For Spider-Man Homecoming Movie, Tourist And Commuter Types

For “Summer of George” – working Wednesday 21th September 2016

  • Casting for both Men and Women
  • Casting for tourists, New York City commuter Types. This also includes a few people with their own personal bicycles for one last small and great scene!
  • The NYC commuters should also include some business, blue collar and also some interesting character types.
  • Applicants should be between the ages of 18 to 65
  • Also note: list if you own a bicycle. And also note NEW faces or Repeats if you’ve worked some Ferry scenes(list Ferry Repeat or New Face)
  • The director wants to these face, so ensure to submit no later than Monday morning 19th September 2016
  • Also remember to include and acting experience if you’ve got it.

Some Important Notes

  • You’ll be working this Wednesday 21th September
  • The filming will be in Fayetteville
  • They will be day time and early morning start up times
  • You should also be aware that this will be an outdoor scene
  • The pay rate will be about $68 with OT after 8hours
  • Bikes will get an additional $12 if selected

Please submit your application to SoGextras@tscasting.com, and make the subject line “Wed Ferry”

Also, include the following:

Current Pictures: One showing the face and hair well(No sunglasses or hats), and also one from the knee or waist up. The picture should also be taken with good light.

Include the following also:

  • Your first and last name, phone number and email address
  • The city and state where you will be coming from.
  • Your age, weight, height and also sizes. For women (Dress, waist, bust/bra/cup, shoe, and pants). For Men, (Jacket, collar, waist, sleeve, inseam and shoe)

Also, list the following:

List if you have a bicycle, with a basic description of the brand, type, and color.

You must also be a local to the Georgia Area, Atlanta

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