Nick Viall Bachelor – The New Bachelor Star Nick Viall Shares Some Major Dating Turn-offs

Nick Viall Bachelor star has mention three major dating turn-offs. So ladies, if you’re going to be competing for his heart on the upcoming season of the Bachelor 2017, you might want to take note.

One thing the Bachelor star can’t really stand is baby talk.

Nick, 35, told People “It’s terrible, like, nothing ruins a moment like baby talk. That is not good.”

Nick Viall Bachelor, is very punctual and will want his girlfriend or future wife to be the same way.

“I do not like being late,” Viall explained. “But I mean, it is not the be-all, end-all.”

The Strike 3 would be a bachelorette that smokes cigarettes. Nick Viall insisted to the magazine… “I’ve never smoked a cigarette; I think that’s pretty gross.”

And when comes to what the Bachelor star want in a partner, he’s pretty much in search for a woman that is kinda similar to his past loves Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman both from The Bachelorette, whom he both tried to propose marriage to.

Nick revealed that.. “I’ve always been attracted to genuine confidence, and I think sometimes that’s hard to figure out. Also, people can sometimes seem very confident, and then… not so much.”

Nick Viall Bachelor 2017 also prefers a “strong personality,” although “that could also vary too.”

Vial also confessed..”I have a big personality, and I can also be a lot to handle. I also need someone that’ll be able to challenge me, and not also be in a negative way where they get frustrated but more that they can keep up. I want someone who’ll want me to do the same.”

The Bachelor 2017 will premiere in January 2017. Nick defeated Luke Pell the frontrunner cowboy and also war veteran from JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, to get the coveted role of The Bachelor 2017 cast.

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