Project Runway Sink or Swim: Breaking Down the Best and Worst Looks

Project Runway Sink or Swim aired as the 4th episode of Project Runway season 15. The Project Runway designers had to create original swimsuits and cover-ups for one of the Project Runway Judges Heidi Klum’s swimwear line.

Although, creating a design consisting of very little fabric may seem far easier than making a ball gown, quite a lot of the Project Runway designers didn’t do so well on this challenge.

So let’s take a look at the bottom look and also top looks of Project Runway Sink or Swim.

The Eliminated Look


Sarah’s print was quite funky and cute. But the design didn’t look adult enough for this competition or to be among Heidi’s swimwear line. Sarah also paired her swimwear with a rainbow cover up, which made the whole look too juvenile for what the challenge is all about. The strange fit on the bottoms also didn’t help Sarah’s chances of staying in the competition.

Top Looks


Roberi being from Venezuela, took advantage of this challenge to showcase his work since swimwear has being a huge part of his life there. He made his design with a macaw feather print, which looked colorful and also charming, with a cover up as the perfect complement to the design.


Alex went for a bohemian beach look. His design looked fun, light, effortlessly beautiful and also had a perfect movement on the runway.

Winning Look


Rik’s design was the winning look for the Project Runway Sink or Swim challenge. He got his first win of Project Runway season 15 by making a graphic swimsuit that fits perfectly with the rest of Heidi’s line. You can also buy the swimsuit and the cover up on her website. The design is quite flattering, and the pants that go over it are different and also chic.

What were your favorite designs for the episode? Would you wear Rik’s swimsuit?  Please let us know in the comments!

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