Project Runway Season 15 Episode 8: Project Runway ‘Project Pop-Up’

On Project Runway Season 15 Episode 8, the Project Runway designers had to work in three teams of three so as to create a three-piece collection that will be displayed in a pop-up shop window.

Eliminated Look: Project Runway Season 15 Episode 8

Cornelius Ortiz

Cornelius look was eliminated on Project Runway Season 15 Episode 8 by the judges, but he was saved by Tim Gunn. Although the pleated skirt was the Project Runway judges’ least favorite look, it wasn’t so bad by any means. And eve if Cornelius isn’t so strong a designer as some of the others, Tim Gunn didn’t think he should go home yet, too much red or not.

Top Looks

Laurence Basse

Laurence has proven to be an amazing designer, with her beautiful shoulder cuts on a jacket, this look inclusive. The tail in the tuxedo added an androgynous flair to what would have been too simple of a jacket. The judges also loved how they matched all the individual Team Blue pieces. The jacket also looked good and would go with almost anything.

Rik Villa

Rik’s look for Project Runway Season 15 episode 8 is great. The coat looked quite stylish and also wearable.

Winning Look

Designer: Roberi Parra

Roberi’s look  from the Blue Team got the winning votes from the judges. They thought that the asymmetrical skirt was the best part of the collection. I find this look quite boring and would pick the collections from Team Nudes and Neutral and day.

Here are the looks from Team Nudes and Neutral:

Designer: Nathalia JMag

The Designer: Jenni Riccetti

Designer: Mah-Jing Wong

What did you think about this episode? Which collection was your favorite? Please let me know in the comment box.

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