Nursing Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Nursing Recruitment Agencies in Canada. 

The healthcare industry in Canada is experiencing an increase in job openings as a result of retirements, economic volatility, etc. International nursing recruitment services in Canada assist hospitals in hiring nurses to meet their requirements. Due to the abundance of opportunities in the Canadian healthcare industry, there are several nursing recruiting agencies in the country.

A registered nurse’s annual pay starts at CA$55,382, making nurses one of the tops paid professions in Canada, according to Glassdoor. Using a recruiting agency is one of the fastest ways to secure a nursing job in Canada. Your ambition of becoming a nurse in Canada might come true with the aid of nursing recruitment agencies.

Although the Canadian healthcare industry is among the finest in the world, finding work as a foreigner can be a challenge. For this reason, you should use the assistance of recruiting agencies, sometimes known as headhunters. Because many of them have developed contacts with some of the best healthcare organizations in Canada, recruitment agencies are frequently recommended. We urge potential employees to use the recruitment agencies listed below because it would be challenging to directly apply to these institutions or hospitals.

How Canadian Nursing Recruitment Agencies Operate?

If an agency has an influence over your recruitment into either business in Canada, it signifies that it already has a contract with that organization.

Nearly every agency operates utilizing the same approach, regardless of the established guidelines or goal statement.

  • First off, the employers, government, or associate recruiters of the agencies inform them of any openings.
  • Next, the agency finds potential candidates for the position who are qualified.
  • The agency then selects the best candidate for the job, who must have met all the standards after narrowing down the potential employees.

Why Should You Work With a Recruitment Agency?

Selecting these Nursing recruitment agencies in Canada has numerous advantages. Below, I’ve listed a few of them:

  • Better Pay
  • Getting a job quicker

Most significantly, you’ll get a job more quickly with the aid of these Canadian nursing recruitment agencies.

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Top Nursing Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Prior to compiling these lists, we tried to ensure a careful review of each recruiting firm and checked customer ratings.

  1. Greenstaff Medical

Traveling, international, permanent, and temporary employment are among the work positions and job types available through this multinational healthcare recruiting agency. Visit Greenstaff Medical’s official website.

  1. HealthOPM Staffing

The placement of healthcare workers is a specialty of HealthOPM Staffing. For people looking for immediate jobs and temp-to-hire jobs in Ontario, Canada, they offer recruitment services. HealthOPM Staffing official website.

  1. Priority Healthcare Staffing Solutions, Inc.

They offer recruitment assistance to individuals working in the healthcare industry, and the services they offer comprise caregivers and nurses, etc. Priority Healthcare Staffing Solutions Inc, official website.

  1. Nurse Relief Inc.

In addition to the Intensive Care Unit, they also recruit nursing for long-term care, home healthcare, medicine, surgery, and pediatrics. Nurse Relief Inc. was founded in 2001. They are one of the Canadian nursing recruiting companies that work internationally and offer a pool of nurses that can regularly fill critical gaps.

Nurse Relief Inc. can assist you if you’re looking to work in independent practice or as a travel nurse, or if your health facility needs adaptable coverage for either of those professions. Nurse Relief Inc official website.

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  1. Accela Staff, Inc.

Providing top-notch services for healthcare personnel recruiting is Accela Staff Inc. They offer a variety of staffing options, such as registered nurses, personal support workers, and case managers. Accela Staff Inc official website.

  1. Care Canada

Care Canada is a provider of both temporary and permanent nursing solutions and focuses on finding the best people across the nursing industry. Care Canada official website.

  1. BMB International

BMB has been operating since 1998, and the company is also present in the United States and the UK. They offer their clients immigration services in addition to recruitment services. BMB International official website.

  1. MEDSAG Nursing Workforce

One of the top healthcare recruitment agencies in Ontario. They hire trained medical staff members, such as registered nurses (RN), etc. Medsag Nursing Workforce official website.

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  1. NHI Nursing & Homemakers, Inc.

This Canadian employment firm was founded in 1985 and offers a wide range of services to its customers. NHI Nursing & Homemakers Inc official website.

  1. Zuriel HealthCare

Founded in 2018, Zuriel Healthcare is a reputable healthcare staffing company, that provides recruitment services. Hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, and detention centers can all get staff from them. Zuriel HealthCare official website.

  1. Canadian Healthcare Agency

CHCA has provided great service for more than 20 years and focuses on the hiring and education of advanced nurse practitioners.

In northern Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and the Yukon, nurses are currently employed. Canadian Healthcare Agency.

  1. United Medical Staffing Inc

The mission of UMS is to meet the staffing demands of the home care and healthcare sectors. They find and hire highly qualified, skilled, and experienced healthcare employees after carefully screening and profiling them to make sure they are a good fit for you. United Medical Staffing Inc official website.

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The Requirements For Becoming A Nurse In Canada

This content would be incomplete if we didn’t include the key details regarding the process of becoming a nurse in Canada.

The first step is to obtain a nursing license, which can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you register on the National Nursing Assessment Center website. Those who did not receive their degrees in Canada would be required to apply for the following positions:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • A Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN)

Nurses should be aware that if they plan to work in Quebec, in addition to earning a license, they will need to demonstrate their English language proficiency by taking the NCLEX-F.

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