NGO Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship – How to Get Started

NGO Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship – How to Get Started.

Are you interested in working for an NGO in the US? Submit an application for NGO positions in the USA that sponsor foreign visas. Working for non-governmental groups is possible with any of these programs.

In addition, you must meet the necessary requirements and be eligible. Trying to find work with an international NGO may be challenging. However, if one takes the necessary measures and gets started early, one could locate and secure a position in a non-governmental organization in the USA with visa sponsorship.

Another smart move is to apply for NGO work sponsored by the US government. Along with that, the Visa Sponsorship allows you to travel for free. Therefore, do not put yourself under undue strain if you are unable to pay the price. To work for NGO jobs in USA with visa sponsorship, one must first have a visa.

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Who Are NGO Workers?

A group that operates without the assistance of any government is known as a non-governmental organization (NGO). Nongovernmental organizations, commonly referred to as civil society organizations, are also created on a local, national, and international scale to advance a political or social objective like a humanitarian cause or the preservation of the environment.

NGO Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship - How to Get Started


So, employees of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are referred to as NGO workers.   Despite receiving government financing, some of these groups are autonomous.

Therefore, as an employee, you will work for these groups and earn money while also having the opportunity to positively impact the economy both socially and politically.

Responsibilities and Duties of an NGO Worker in the U.S.

Employees of NGOs are required to have expertise in a number of critical management areas, including strategy development and implementation as well as marketing and fund-raising.

Non-governmental organizations support democratic processes, aid in delivering services, and give those in need access to fundamental and frequently essential aid, resources, and supplies. NGOs work to advance social justice, economic development, and human rights.

NGOs strive to:

  • Boost community-level wellness and education initiatives.
  • Helping disaster-affected nations.
  • Promote inclusive economic growth.
  • Participate in supporting the goals of the host country and government.

How Much Does an NGO Worker Make in the United States?

Even though NGO employees are volunteers, as of August 16, 2022, the average yearly salary for Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) workers based in the US is $56,530. That comes out to almost $27.18 per hour. This is equal to $4,710 every month or $1,087 per week.

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Qualifications Needed for working for an NGO in the USA?

The majority of NGO positions demand a degree in a related field. In certain job descriptions for NGOs, it is stated that a bachelor’s degree is acceptable in place of several years of work experience. Applying for visa sponsorship for NGO jobs in USA, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You should have a degree.
  • To advance your skills and knowledge, finish the necessary training by enrolling in courses online.
  • Undertake an internship.

However, you should be aware that the hiring organization will give you the additional requirements necessary to work for their NGO in the US with a sponsored visa.

Where To Find Visa-Sponsored NGO Jobs In USA

As previously indicated, it is frequently challenging to get a job with an NGO. However, you may be able to get one if you use the appropriate online platforms. Check out these internet sites to apply from;

  • ReliefWeb.
  • Idealist.
  • Devex.
  • DevNet Jobs.
  • UNJobs.
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