How to Create Winning Facebook Ads – Make your Facebook Ads Effective

How to Create Winning Facebook Ads – How to Make your Facebook Ads Effective: Succeeding at Facebook advertising is not by chance but requires hard work. You will have to research and experiment, and when you fail, you must try again.

Making a research on effective Facebook ads, you can also look at successful Facebook ads, to see what works, how it works and possibly copy these successful Facebook ads.

Before we go into how to create winning Facebook ads, let’s look at some crucial Facebook stats about why Facebook advertising is so effective, and what qualities make up a winning Facebook ad.

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Crucial Facebook Stats | How to Create Winning Facebook Ads

If you’re not confident that Facebook advertising is the way to go, it should help you to know that Facebook boost of one of the largest communities on social media, which houses potential clients and customers for your business.

First, Facebook has about 2 billion monthly active users and about 1 billion daily active users as of June 2017. This is a massive customer base you can reach to make into potential clients for your business.

facebook monthly users

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Secondly, Facebook users spend an average of 35 minutes daily on the app, accessing the platform about 8 times a day. This time spent is the time during which you can deliver your Facebook ad to your target audience.

Finally, since people carry their smartphones around with them all day, and spend an average of 6 hours on these phones and about 19% of those hours on Facebook. That percentage allows you to reach your target Facebook users wherever they are.

Qualities of a Good Facebook Ad | How to Create Winning Facebook Ads

To know how to create winning Facebook ads, you should first identify some qualities of a good Facebook Ad. A good Facebook ad usually contains a mix of the following qualities:

  • It engages (i.e. it compels you to comment, like or share)
  • It educates
  • A winning Facebook ad entertains
  • It has social proof
  • It has a value proposition
  • A winning Facebook ad evokes emotion
  • Its image can also be high quality
  • The image/video should feature the product
  • The Facebook ad or video should be optimized for mobile

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To provide a better understanding of how these qualities look like, we’re going to analyze 2 winning Facebook ads that get it. By the end of this article, you will have an idea on how to create winning Facebook ads that are effective.

1) Wayfair

30 winning facebook ads and why theyre so effective 1


Wayfair is an online app and store which sells home decor, furniture, appliances housewares, etc. at a competitive price. The Wayfair video ad has lots of good things going for it:

  • The video is entertaining, with objects in the video moving in stop motion animation. This makes the video fun and playful to watch.
  • The Facebook ad evokes excitement, and also taps into our emotion and desire to beautify our home and also save money.
  • It provides value and proposes free shipping on purchases over $49.

Here are some of the technical aspects which this Facebook ad succeeds in:

  • The Facebook video ad is of high quality.
  • There is also good branding in this Facebook ad, with the color scheme in the video ad matching that of the Wayfair logo.
  • Lastly, the Facebook ad is also properly optimized for mobile. Since most people access the web on their smartphones, optimizing for mobile is important, so users don’t have to rotate their screens to watch the video clearly.

2) HubSpot

30 winning facebook ads and why theyre so effective 2


HubSpot is a site which offers inbound marketing and sells software products. This Facebook ad has three of the qualities of an effective Facebook ad:

  • The first is that it offers a value proposition. It offers a free demo, which helps to build trust. This is because it gives customers a chance to try the product before deciding to buy.
  • Next, the Facebook ad makes use of social proof, which lets the audience know that others have trusted HubSpot. The ad also gives an estimated number (37,450+) to add weight to that the social proof.
  • A high-quality image was also used for this ad. The photo looks professionally taken and portrays a customer using a HubSpot product.
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