Netflix Plans – How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Netflix Plans: If you are thinking of getting on a streaming service, and you are trying to make a choice on one of the best streaming service, always try to remember that cash is important. If your choice is Netflix, and you want to know the cost, here is a pricing breakdown of its plans.

Netflix Plans - How Much Does Netflix Cost?

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Netflix as one of the best streaming service boasts of the biggest library of hosted contents, and it also has a growing library of stable original contents, which makes the streaming service the most go-to.

Netflix Plan Prices | Best Streaming Service

Netflix has three different streaming plans to meet your needs. And the Netflix plan you pick will determine the number of devices you can use in streaming Netflix at a time.

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The Netflix Plans include the Basic, Standard, and Premium. Pricing is set at $9 per month for the former, $13 for the middlemost, and $16 for the latter.

Even though each of the Netflix Plans differs in cost and what it offers, the actual catalog remains consistent across each Netflix price plans. With the Basic Netflix subscribers having the same catalog as those on the Premium plan.

PlanPriceNumber of screens at onceResolution
Basic (streaming)$7.991SD
Standard (streaming)$9.992HD
Premium (streaming)$11.994HD + Ultra HD

Netflix Plan Prices:

Basic Plan (Price: US$7.99 per month)

  • On this Netflix streaming plan, you are only allowed to stream from one of your devices at a time.
  • With this Netflix plans, you cannot stream in HD or Ultra HD.

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Standard Plan (Price: US$9.99 per month)

  • With this Netflix Plan, you can stream HD videos.
  • You can only stream from 2 devices at a time.

Premium Plans (Price: US$11.99 per month)

  • On this Netflix Plans, you can enjoy streaming in HD and Ultra HD.
  • You can also watch on four different screens at a time!

Also, note that the Netflix streaming plans are subject to an increase in price. And before an increase in price takes place, Netflix always sends an email in that effect.

No matter which Netflix plans you choose, you can always install the Netflix app on all your devices, and enjoy all the movies and TV shows the streaming services have to offer, anytime and everywhere.

And as a peck to getting you on one of the best streaming service, you get a one-month free offer which starts when you click ‘Start Membership.’ You can also Cancel your membership at any time during that first month and you will not get charged for it. Netflix will send you an email 3 days before your free trial ends to remind you. Yes, they are nice like that.

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