Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Any Hope the Blue Team can Make a Comeback?

This is the Hell’s Kitchen Recap of Hell’s Kitchen Season 16. During the season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen Season 16, Chef Ramsay was joined by 18 new chefs. The Red Team dominated the Blue Team completely, leaving the Blue Team in chaos, since Chef Gordon eliminated one the first Chef from their team. Is there any hope for the Blue Team to make a comeback? I guess we’ll find out in Hell’s Kitchen Recap!

A Race for the Chefs | Hell’s Kitchen Recap

This second episode started where the last one left off, that is with Chef Gordon just eliminating Pat from the Blue Team. Well, the Blue Team will not be missing him. They also know that they got some serious work to do. After losing Pat, Andrew says… “it was just dead weight we don’t need on our team. We need passionate people. I think every single person on our team needs to step up and prove why they’re here.”

The next day, the now 17 chefs head into some SUVs and arrive at a raceway. Chef Gordon pops out of a car on the track, and explains to them how cooking and racing are all very similar. He explains that both driver of a car and a chef preparing a meal must always be in control. And if they are not, it could lead to a “huge disaster” he says.

Chef Gordon also informs the chefs that for the competition, they will be get to partake in their first-ever Crepe Grand Prix. The 2 teams must cook him the perfect chicken and mushroom-stuffed crepes and also race them to him. The teams will not be driving the race cars however, they must deliver the crepes in golf carts instead. And whichever team that gets to delivers 10 perfect crepes to Chef Ramsay first will be the winners of this challenge.

The 2 teams started cooking their crepes. The team must split into pairs to cook them, Things did’nt start off well for the Red camp, since Gia cuts her finger. The rest of the Red Team members are worried that she could lose this for them.

Jessica, Aziza and Shaina delivered the first-scoring crepe to Chef Gordon, which he calls “delicious.” While Johnny and Koop from the Blue Team brings a crepe that is broken down the middle, which Gordon throws out immediately.

With the women scoring two more points for their crepes, the men became worried that they are going lose yet another competition. Lucky for the Blue Team, Devin and Genaro scores the Team’s first point.

The cooking competition also stayed virtually tied for a major part of the competition, with one team pulling ahead some times.

At the end of the competition, both teams were tied nine to nine. The Red Team also made an attempt to win the competition with their next crepe, but Chef Ramsay declared the crepe not good enough. When It got to the race to the finish, both teams sends out what they hoped to be their final crepe, but at this point, the Blue Team gets there first and wins the competition.

The Red Team Breaks | Hell’s Kitchen Recap

After winning the competition, the men were ecstatic about finally beating the women at something. As a reward for their win, they will be heading out on a 73-foot “super mega” yacht.

Since the women lost the competition, there will get to stay behind for what Chef Gordon calls “F.D.D.” (fish delivery day). Their task will be to break down a mass amount of fishes for the next day’s dinner service challenge.

Losing and having to wash a massive amount of dirty smelly fishes creates some tension amongst the ladies. Lots of the women were tired of Jessica’s loud voice. “I’m tired of hearing the sound of Jessica’s voice. All I hear is a donkey,” Heather explains in her interview.

Things got pretty bad for the ladies. They were given a special milkshake for dinner. It was made up of some weird ingredients such as, fish guts. Gia also explains that the dinner contained fish guts, raw scallops, and also fish eyes. The ladies all began to throw the shake right back up.

Shaina had some luck as she realizes that she was actually drinking a chocolate shake. She also had no plans of sharing with her teammates. “There’s no way in hell I’m about to let the rest of them know that!” She exclaims.

A Disastrous Dinner Service| Hell’s Kitchen Recap

After their win, the Blue Team when into the dinner service all pumped up and also united. The ladies were still upset on the otherhand with the fish shakes they had.

Chef Gordon also ends up revealing that Shaina actually had a chocolate shake and didn’t share it with her teammates. This made the ladies even more enraged. “To be honest, I don’t trust Shaina after that chocolate shake thing. I don’t trust you. You’re not a team player,” Heidi explains.

As the teams split up and started the dinner service, things were a little shaky for the Red Team. Jessica, who worked together with  Aziza on appetizers, was already causing problems for the ladies, and also refuses to take any advice. “Jessica is one of those people that thinks that she knows what she’s doing, but she has no idea how to work a line,” Heather says.

Aziza and Jessica also failed at their first attempt of cooking risotto. Buy luckily, Jessica recovers fast with her carbonara.

The Blue Team on the other hand wasn’t doing well either. With Aaron and Devin in charge of the appetizer, Devin is worried about Aaron’s lack of experience.

Devin was right to be worried since Aaron attempts to serve a kale salad that is absolutely drenched in dressing. Chef Gordon was totally disgusted, and could not believe that someone could mess up a salad that way.

Back in the Red camp, Heather and Gia started to work on the fish. Heather also says that she doesn’t trust Gia to step up to the plate, and was proved right since Gia suddenly disappears. Heather had to go going over to Gordon, asking him if she should start work on dessert. Ramsay was completely taken aback, as it was way too early to be worried about the dessert.

When it was tie to serve the scallops, Andrew realizes that he completely forgot to cook them. He also thinks it was no big deal, But Chef Gordon though otherwise, and says that the mistake could sink the entire kitchen.

When it was time to for them to cook their entrees, Heather takes on the fish, while Kimberly cooks the lamb. Kimberly ended up serving a completely raw lamb. When asked why she would do that, she replied that she knew it wasn’t ready yet but didn’t speak up. This types of responses sure drives Chef Ramsay crazy.

Eventually, Kimberly cooks a great lamb. The men still had trouble in their team. Genaro was in charge of cooking the meat but fails to cook it properly. When Gordon sees that the meat is completely raw, he demanded that the Blue Team recook all of their meats.

Genaro yet drives the final nail into the team’s coffin. He tried to serve yet another cold, raw piece of meat. This resulted in Ramsay to completely lose it and asked for the Red Team over to the Blue Team’s kitchen. With everyone confused as to what Chef Gordon was doing. He tells the Red Team to take over the kitchen, and kicks the Blue Team out of the kitchen which is for the second episode in a row.

Elimination | Hell’s Kitchen Recap 

After the disaster at the dinner service for the Blue Team, it means that they must nominate two of their chefs for elimination. The members of the Blue Team are lost as to why Genaro is not passionate about staying in the competition. He also says that he has accepted the fact that there is nothing else he can do.

After agreeing on nominating Genaro, they were torn between choosing either Aaron or Andrew for the second spot. Although they both made some serious mistakes during dinner service, but Andrew thinks his scallops issues were not as bad as Aaron’s salad issue. “I’m one of the strongest chefs on the Blue Team. There’s no way in hell I’m going up in front of Chef Ramsay,” Andrew says.

Face-to-face with Chef Gordon, the Blue Team reveals their nominees as Aaron and Genaro. Gordon then makes a case as to why he could eliminate either of them: Aaron lacks the experience, while Genaro does not seem to want to be there.

When Genaro tried to explain just how much passion he really has, Johnny calls him out for not even putting up a fight to avoid nomination. That made the decision clear, and so Chef Gordon eliminates Genaro.

After the elimination, Chef Gordon tells the men that they need to cook with passion and also bounce back from any mistakes they make. He then sends them away with a “piss off,” which leaves the men, yet again, confused and divided in this Hell’s Kitchen Recap.

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