Google Business Account – How to Create Google Business Page

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Google Business Account: With the help of Google business account and Google business page, online marketers can now manage their businesses, social media accounts and also make transactions from the comfort of their homes.Image result for google my business

Popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have come in handy in scaling small businesses and in reaching customers. Google also has a service which helps to promote online marketing, and the name of the service is Google my business.

Google my business is a service which offers you options to manage your businesses using Google products. A Google business account or Google business page is very useful in managing your business and can help you reach a target population.

Using Google products like Google Maps and Search, Google my business can help people locate your product or services.

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Google Business Account | Google My Business Services

Google offers amazing service to their users. These Google my business services provide users with amazing results for promoting their products. And this is as a result of Google my business services which gives users access to utilize the opportunities on the platform.

Google my business services that users can use to scale their products includes.

  • Users can use SEO to optimize their business and benefit from Google searches.
  • Google business account owners can also customize a Google business page to help in attracting customers.
  • Google business account users can also engage customers online and interact with them in ways that will make them patronize their business.

These are some of the things you can do with a Google my business account. With your Google business account, users can also get information on how people search for their businesses and build on it via their Google business page.

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Google my business account users can also manage information regarding their business. Some of these information includes your business name, the location, hours you open for business and other details to help clarify people on a user’s business. When all the required details are provided, users will begin to get inquiries from customers with interest in their business products and services.

Google Business Page | How To Create A Google My Business Account

To get access to the services the Google business account offers, you will need to create a Google business page. To create a Google business page listing, follow the steps below:

  • Open any browser of your choice ( Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc).
  •  Enter on the browser.
  • Enter your Google account login details.
  • Open Google my business page using the URL on the browser.
  • Then click on the Start now button found at the top right corner on the Google business homepage.
  • Proceed to enter your business name, business address, and location.
  • Then set your delivery options as you want them.
  • Pick a business category for your business.
  • Enter your website or active phone number.
  • Verify your Google business page using the options you want.

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Once you are done with the verification process, you will now own an active Google business account. You can also customize your Google business account in ways that will attract customers and make them come back. While doing this, ensure to put in a good Google my business listings that customers can work with.