Project Runway Season 15 Episode 9: ‘Life Is Full of Surprises’

In Project Runway Season 15 Episode 9, the Project Runway designers were tasked to create a look for the loved ones in their lives.

The stakes were high in this competition, with the prize of $25,000 for both designer and loved one from AARP. Although the loved ones on the runway loved the clothes they were in, the Project Runway judges still had to make a choice on who would be in and who would be eliminated. Here is a breakdown of the worst and best looks of the Project Runway Season 15 Episode 9 “Life Is Full of Surprises.”

Eliminated Look


Even though Jenni’s mom, Amanda, didn’t help much in giving direction to Jenni on what she wanted, it was still Jenni’s fault for making such a messy and under-designed look. The prints of the fabrics look poorly match, and also didn’t fit well. The design she made also seems inappropriate given Amanda’s age and also her profession as a preschool director.

Top Looks


Mah-Jing created an origami-inspired coat for his mom, hip-hop artist Bahamadia. He did great with his look and also succeeded in pulling off a bad-ass look for his mom who also has lots of swag. The design looked great on her, and she also pulled it off very well.


Roberi’s creation looks fun and also elegant. The prints might have seemed bizarre, but it still came out great. The colors he chooses looked vibrant and the fit perfect.

Project Runway Season 15 Episode 9: Winning Look


Rik did great in this design. He created the look for his mom Delia and put in his heart in making it. The jacket looked classic and also appropriate for Delia, with the white stitching and pop of red giving it just the right amount of flair. It’s a happy ending for Rik, who borrowed lots of money from his mom to go to school, to pay her back with the prize money so she can finally achieve her dreams too.

Everything ended well for Rik, who had to borrow money from his mom to go to school. He got to pay her back with the prize money so she can also achieve her dreams. What did you think of this week’s looks? Should Erin have been in the bottom? Should Nathalia’s unfinished look with visible pins have sent her home instead of Jenni? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Project Runway Season 15 Episode 9 looks? Please let me know in the comment section.

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