Project Runway Season 15 episode 14: ‘Finale Part 2’ – Project Runway Winners

In Project Runway season 15 episode 14, the project runway designers got to show their final collections at New York Fashion Week. 

In this episode, each of the collection had 10 looks and had to exemplify the designers’ skill and aesthetic. Here is a rundown of the best piece from each collection from “Finale Part 2.”

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Fourth Place


This design was his main piece, and lacked a certain amount of runway-ness. And although all his clothes were wearable and cohesive, it lacked a statement piece. On project Runway season 15 episode 14, the judges congratulated him on improving his collection by making it more sexy and current.

During the final critique on New york fashion week, Heidi thought Rik’s collection really came together. Zendaya also joined the judges in this final stage. She liked how his prints was grunge and also clean and cool. Nina says that his collection was sexy, powerful, and polished. Although Zac liked the denim, he wished it was a little bit more bedazzled for runway pizzazz.

Third Place 


On Project Runway season 15 episode 14, even though Laurence had a strong chance of winning this whole competition, the judges were kind of bored with her final collection. And although this piece was a stunner, it was not enough for the rest of the collection.

During the final critique on fashion week, Zendaya loved all of Laurence’s leather pieces and the different textures of the leather. She says it’s chic, wearable, and a bit tough. Zac also said that Laurence’s clothes are the most wearable, but that it lacked a runway impact to her show. Heidi also agrees, saying that it was missing a few “wow” moments. Nina also said that she was disappointed that she didn’t see more of her impeccable tailoring that they were used to seeing throughout the season.

Runner Up


In Project Runway season 15 episode 14, Roberi followed his own voice when it came to his collection even when the judges him to go in different directions. This piece was also by far the most beautiful of his collection, which perfectly exemplifies the way he juxtaposed shiny fabrics on the bottom with a harsher fabric for a jacket on the top. The red strappy heels was also the perfect complement to his clothes.

During the final critique in New York fashion week, Heidi is very proud of his designs and especially loved the mix of shine and feathers with the harsher fabrics. As for his last look, she didn’t like it, and said that it was was very somber. Nina thinks it that tthe collection was a great turn-around from what they saw the day before. She says that he makes his fabrics sing and feel alive. For Zac, he thinks that he has an interesting feminine but cerebral quality to his work. As for Zendaya, she loved all of the jackets.

Project Runway Winners


Wow… We can all agree that Erin is an amazing designer. She ended the show on a very “Erin” note. The embroidered bananas on her fabric was very playful and fun, just like the rest of her collection. And even while it the collection looked fun, it still managed to be hip and quite current. The project Runway judges on Project Runway season 15 episode 14 gave Erin the win because of her brave creativity, believing that she’s going to be a strong voice in fashion in the future.

What do you guys think? Did Erin deserve the win? I think she did. Congratulations Erin! Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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