Project Runway Season 15 Episode 11: ‘Bold Innovation’

The designers had to use mostly metal materials found in a garage warehouse in making their bold and innovative avant-garde look. Even though the judges thought everyone did a good job in this week of Project runway season 15 episode 11, one person still had to be sent home. Here is a breakdown of the worst and the best looks of Project runway season 15 episode 11.

Eliminated Look


Mah-Jing spent a lot of time and effort in creating his look. The copper sculpting which decorated dress was really beautiful too. Even though the dress was looked beautiful, the dress had a problem of falling down as a result of the weight of the copper used for decoration. Simple straps on the dress could have solved that problem, but maybe he forgot or didn’t think of that. The denim dress was also too under-designed this far into the competition.

Top Looks


Roberi’s look for Project runway season 15 episode 11 looked futuristic and also great. The project runway judges thought his look really utilized the unconventional materials to create a futuristic shape. I think he did a great job in controlling the metal into the shapes he wanted. Personally, I think it looks more like a costume. But I appreciate the effort it must have taken to control that metal into the shapes he wanted.


Rik’s look for Project runway season 15 episode 11 was really pretty. The decorative metals gave his look a cool and shiny effect. He picked a sparkly tweed from Mood, which made his dress pop on the runway. I think personally think he did a great job this week and i love this look.

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Winning Look


There is no doubt Erin is an amazing designer. Everything about her look for project runway season 15 episode 11 is very exciting and new. Erin earned praise from the judges for her use of bright colors and intricate appliques. I look Erin’s look and think she deserves this win on Project runway season 15 episode 11.It’s definitely the most interesting and unique piece from the runway show with a point-of-view that’s all Erin. Even if it is a little weird.

So guys, what do you think of this challenge? Do you look Erin;s look as much as i did? Please let me know in the comment box..Should Corey have gone home instead of Mah-Jing? Are you getting tired of Laurence’s signature square shoulder?

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