Project Runway Season 15 episode 10: ‘A Power Trip’ 

On Project Runway season 15episode 10, the Project Runway designers took a helicopter ride so as to get inspired by just another view of New York City.

The designers then had to create an editorial look for a fashion spread in Marie Claire. And just like in previous episodes, some of the Project Runway designers excelled, while others fell flat. Here is a breakdown of the best and worst looks from Project Runway season 15 episode 10, “A Power Trip.” 

Eliminated Looks


Nathali’s look for this competition just didn’t cut it. The fabrics she choose looks cheap, the design basically non-existent and the construction totally off.

And just like some of the Project Runway Judges pointed out, her design in Project Runway season 15 episode 10 looked like it could have been a superhero costume from a Halloween store.


After Natalia was eliminated, Dexter might have thought he was safe in this episode. But Heidi punished Dexter’s look just like Natalia. And since Dexter spent all his time in tailoring the jacket, he had no time left to make the sheer dress underneath interesting. The judges also didn’t quite like he jacket or find anything about his design inspiring.

Top Looks


Erin’s look topped this week’s competition. The dress looks beautiful and I love it just like the judges did.


While Mah-Jing wasn’t so confident in his ability to design something high-fashion, he let his textiles do the talking instead. That strategy worked quite well for him, with his model for Project Runway season 15 episode 10 looking great in his design. The Project Runway Judges also thought this dress would have photographed perfectly in a magazine spread.

Winning Look


Corey’s look won in Project Runway season 15 episode 10, which made it his first win in the competition. Corey’s win made him feels like he’s finally proved to the judges that he deserves to be here.

The seaming looked brilliant. The pop of color and texture was an interesting technique that was quite refreshing and inspiring. His whole look was clean, precise and also fashionable.

So guys, what do you think about Project Runway season 15 episode 10? Did both Nathalia and Dexter deserve to be eliminated?

You can watch Project Runway Thursdays on Lifetime at 9/8c.

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