Nursing Assistant Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Nursing Assistant jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship.

Canada is a country with an increasing population and economy, with demands to cover the surging demands of these populations. Some of these ever-increasing demands are for Nursing Assistants. For people interested in Nursing assistant jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship, this post is for you.

How to Become a Nursing Assistant in Canada

Nursing assistant jobs in Canada bring in an above-average salary, making this a lucrative career. You can do this job full-time or as a part-time employee. Because of shortages in skilled workers in Canada, lots of employers sponsor visas for workers in other countries to live and work in Canada.

Requirements for becoming a nursing assistant vary and are very dependent on the province or territory you want to live and work in Canada. Aside from this, before you are eligible for visa sponsorship, lots of employers require that you have a valid nursing assistant certification from an accredited program.

Another requirement is that you complete an immigration assessment and fulfill other stated requirements by the embassy or consulate office.

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Requirements for Nursing Assistant Jobs in Canada

Just as stated above, the requirements are quite different in each province in Canada. You will need to decide which province in Canada you want to move to, then check up on what the province requires from Nursing Assistance.

Generally, you are required to have a diploma in Nursing, an associate degree in Nursing, and some certification from the Canadian National Certification Board for Nurses (NCBN). You are also required to have at least 3 years of experience as a registered nurse. This experience is needed to ensure that the care you provide is not lacking in any part. For some provinces in Canada, you may also be asked to do and pass a criminal background check.

This field of career is sought after, making it very competitive in the job market. To have an edge, you will need to be very skilled and demonstrate your knowledge and qualification in an interview. Your employer will also have to provide visa sponsorship before you can start working as a Nursing assistant in Canada.

Nursing Assistant Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

If you are a registered Nurse in your host country, and you want visa sponsorship to Canada, you can try the Nursing assistant pathway first. Nursing assistants play an important role in the care and rehabilitation of patients. They are an important part of the healthcare team, tasked with providing quality care to patients.

The employer you work with provides this visa sponsorship for you.  This visa sponsorship is a valid working visa that is tethered to your job. If you lose your job, you may be at risk of losing your visa, unless you secure another job that provides sponsorship.

For people interested in becoming Nursing assistants in Canada, contact an immigration lawyer to speak and learn more about the requirements for the province you want to live and work, the visas, and how to meet them.

Nursing Assistant Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

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Nurse Assistant Job Salary in Canada

A Nurse Assistant job is sought after and in high demand in Canada. It is also competitive and provides lots of chances for advancement and career growth. You can command or earn an average of $59,500 per year in Canada doing this job.

The lowest you can receive as a Nurse assistant in Canada is approximately $37,000 per year. And the highest is approximately $86,000 per year.

To become registered as a Nurse assistant in Canada, you are required to have a degree in nursing or another related field. You are also required to meet other requirements per province and also pass a criminal record check. Lots of opportunities are available for Nurse assistants in Canada to become employed in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and private clinics throughout the provinces of Canada.

As a Nursing Assistant, you can also be employed in the public sector like in schools, Aboriginal health facilities, and also municipalities. Hospitals are the largest employers of Nursing assistants with 29%, followed closely by the government with 25%, and the private sector with 22%.

To read more on the job outlook and salary of a Nursing assistant in Canada, visit the official website of the Canadian Nurses Association.

How You Can Find Nursing Assistant jobs in Canada for Foreigners

If you are in search of a Nursing Assistant job in Canada, you may also want the ones with visa sponsorship. Or you may be wondering if the visa sponsorship options are available.

Lots of Nursing assistant jobs in Canada open to foreigners with visa sponsorship are available. For you to find these ones, you will have to contact and inquire with the employer directly.

They are some job employers that may ask for a valid work permit or visa, while other employers may just require you have a valid passport. Whatever the case, it is important that you make your findings of the specific requirements of the position before you apply.

Here is some information to note when looking for a nursing assistant job in Canada:

  • Check the online resources for nursing assistant jobs in Canada.
  • Look for job postings targeting foreign nurses specifically.
  • Contact the local hospitals and clinics to ask about any open positions.

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Nursing Assistant jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship | Some FAQ

What is a nurse assistant visa?
This is the type of visa allowing foreigners to live and work in Canada as nurses. For you to qualify for a nursing assistant visa, you will need a degree in nursing from a recognized institution and also a minimum of 2 years of work experience as a registered nurse in a hospital or other approved medical facility. You are also required to pass the Canadian Nurse Practitioner (CPN) certification examination.

How long does it take to process a nursing assistant Visa?
The duration to process your application is about 4 weeks. This can also differ and is based on how complex your application is. This means that it can take as long as 6 months too.

Can I apply for a nursing assistant visa if I am not currently living in Canada?
Yes, you can. But you will need to provide verifiable evidence that you will be able to live and work in Canada permanently once you arrive.  This evidence can include your proof of income and insurance coverage.

In Conclusion

There are lots of Nursing assistant jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. It is always important that you make your research on where you want to live and work in Canada, and if you can live in this country permanently. Ensure that you read all the contracts and the employer’s requirements. Ask questions when you are unclear about anything too.

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