MSN Money – MSN Homepage | MSN com Money

MSN Money – MSN Homepage | MSN com Money

MSN Money is a unique app that provides precise content for people in different markets around the world. You can also change your market settings within the app.MSN Money - MSN Homepage | MSN com Money

The quotes on MSN money are also real-time for all trades executed on the better alternative trading system (BATS).  Any delay information for different exchanges can be found on the MSN money Disclaimer page.

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MSN Money | MSN Homepage

MSN money allows users to set up lists of stocks to watch. It also allows users to follow certain corporations and receive stock updates, get the latest headlines regarding stock markets.

Users can also view real-time trading figures with a 30-minute delay. Track their own personal finances, calculate their mortgages, get information on commodities and bonds, and also convert currency.

MSN means Microsoft Network. This is a web portal and related collection of Internet services and apps for Windows and mobile devices. This service is provided by Microsoft. It was launched on August 24, 1995, the same release date as Windows 95.

You can visit the platform from your PC, mobile devices, tablets, and iPad. One thing to remember as a user of the Microsoft network, you do not need to have an MSN com account to access the homepage.

Once you type in in the URL, you will be able to access some of the features like the recent news, the search engine, and more.

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Benefits of MSN Money

MSN com money ranks among the top personal finance websites. The vast amount of information available on the platform is the main reason. On the main tabs, it covers news, investing, personal finance, taxes, and small business.

Other sections on MSN com money include a My Money section for users to customize. The investing section on MSN money features some powerful research tools. These tools give independent investors and traders in-depth data about potential investments.

To access this research, the investor will need to add the ticker symbol of your stock or ETF in the quotes box.

MSN money offers a variety of personal money tools. These tools include;

  • Retirement planner savings calculator.
  • Mortgage calculator.
  • Currency converter.

Features on

There are so many amazing features, applications, and social platforms you can find on the MSN homepage. This feature can be accessed by users who enter the website. Especially users who have an MSN/Outlook mail account.

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Some of the features on the Microsoft network include;

  • The search engine bar. This is found at the top middle of the homepage. It can be used to search for anything you want, and also learn new information.
  • You can also find the outlook mail platform app. This is all found on the homepage, but can only be assessed by users who already have an Outlook mail account. You can always create an MSN?Hotmail/Outlook account at any time you like, to enjoy this select service.
  • Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms can also be found on the homepage. This means users can link their social media platform accounts with the social platforms on the MSN homepage for easy access.
  • The Microsoft Store app is also an amazing feature found on the homepage. This feature gives users a wide variety of online apps and more. As a user, you can download and purchase it from the Microsoft app store.
  • Users can also make use of the office feature on the home page. This feature helps you to see your recent documents, saved files, and create one too.

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Then lastly on features, let’s talk about the one drive feature at the right end of the MSN homepage. This feature requires the user to log into their mail account to gain access. Here the user can find file documents, saved pictures, and lots more.

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