iTunes Download: iTunes | iTunes Gift Card

iTunes Download: iTunes | iTunes Gift Card

iTunes is a creation from the Apple company. iTunes is a media library, media player, mobile device management and online radio broadcaster app created by Apple. 

It is used for playing, downloading and also organizing all digital iTunes download of video, music ad also other media that is available on the iTunes store.

As simply put by Apple, “iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get. It’s home to Apple Music, which gives you unlimited access to millions of songs, curated playlists,1 and Beats 1 radio, hosted by Zane Lowe and a team of acclaimed DJs. Enjoy all the entertainment iTunes has to offer on your Mac and PC.”

iTunes Download | Download iTunes Media from iTunes Store

With time, the iTunes system has become more adaptable and flexible with apps and software from external resources. What this means is that iTunes download is possible.

Some of the features that the iTunes Download app offers to iPhone and Android users include the following:

  • Allows audio file playback with several audio format compatibility.
  • The users can enjoy online Radio channels using the internet presets.
  • Users can open any stream in the iTunes by entering the URL address.
  • Users can download files to portable music players.
  • iTunes displays all available CD track info when you insert the disk. Users can change the information if it is wrong.
  • Easy file formats conversion is possible over the iTunes App platform.
  • Ping feature: Apple has tried to put a social networking feature in the iTunes Download app. With the new Ping feature, users can follow their favorite artists and see what they like to hear. You can also follow your friends over the Ping network based in the iTunes App.
  • Users can download videos, TV shows, and movies through the iTunes store network.
  • Using the auto sync feature, users can sync their favorite media over several iOS devices, provided they use the same iTunes account for each device. This way they do not have to look for every track they wish to have.

iTunes Download app is based for media transfer and organization. While it is quite easy for the iPhone users to get the app since its inbuilt on the iOS platform, its is not so easy for Android users. Here are some tricks and techniques to get iTunes Download for Android devices.

iTunes Download for Android

Obviously, there are more Android users in the world than Apple’s iOS device users. Despite that, Android users also want to download iTunes too.

Below is a list of methods through which you can download iTunes for Android app on your device:

Use of Google Play Music:

  • We can transfer the iTunes to our Android devices by using the Google Play Music application. This is a storage for about 50,000 songs and can be integrated with the mobile and PC devices easily. To synchronize the iTunes and Google Play Music, users have to download the Google Music Manager for desktop and Google Play music for the Mobile devices. Then follow the steps given here:
    • Launch the programs on individual devices and add the Google account details in it first.
    • Describe the location or target to which you want to download your files – select “iTunes” for our case.
    • Google Music Manager will begin uploading the music contents from it. It will make iTunes Download Possible.
    • The mobile version will sync with your device and Google Play Music will show your music files in the “My Library” section.
  • For larger music collection download, the time to complete may be more. You do not need to physically connect the two devices together. You can leave the transfer to the Music manager and carry on with other work.

Use of iSyncr:

  • Nowadays, there are several apps that can help users transfer their iTunes media to the Android devices. After few tests, the iSyncr app is found to have most efficiency and reliability. To download the iSyncr app, Android users have to simply open their Google Play Store app and search for the app. There you will see several results. Select the appropriate one and install it on your Desktop. Nex, follow these steps;
    • Connect your Android device to the PC.
    • Next, open the iSyncr app on your PC.
    • The screen will open where you have to select the option for transferring the music files.
    • Tick mark the box with iTunes option on it and then select sync option.
    • Your iTunes files will begin to transfer into your Android device storage.
  • Finally, you will have all your iTunes media content on your Android device. You can play them using any other media player on your device, though the iSyncr developers suggest that you use the Rocket Player app.

Use of Apple Music App:

  • Normally, the iOS apps do not meet compatibility with the Android devices. But they have created an app that can link the iTunes of previous Apple’ users to their new Android systems. The app name is Apple Music and is especially for all users who have used iTunes earlier and wish to restore their music lists on their Android device. Here is a link to the Apple Music app download for Android devices:

Download Apple Music App

  • Now, because this app is an Apple creation, that’s why the user has to have an Apple account. It is the same iTunes account that the user can use this app on the Android device.

So, here are some of the methods by which users can get the iTunes for Android services on their device. Though there is no evidence for any official iTunes for Android app, thus these methods are worth a shot.

iTunes Gift Card | About the iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift card is one of the most awesome and even unique features of iTunes Download app on the iPhone or iPod devices. With the iTunes gift card, users are able to send their friends and families some cool virtual gift cards. With the iTunes store, users can also send e-cards to other users to express a particular feeling.

For you to be able to use or respond to this feature, first you must install the latest version of the iTunes on your device. Follow the steps below to know how to use or respond to iTunes gift card:

  • After you must have installed the latest version of iTunes on your device, the next thing you need is an Apple account ID. The Apple account ID will enable you to buy items from the iTunes store.
  • The next step is the most fun step. Once you redeem the iTunes gift card, you will inherit the credit. For this to be possible, you will have to turn the card over to the back side, and scratch for the code.
  • Once you do this, just go to the “accounts” option on the screen and select on “Redeem” option.
  • Then enter the code and your gift card amount will credit to your account.
  • The next screen that comes up with the exact card details will ask you to confirm the redemption. And once you select accept, you will get the credit in your iTunes account and card’s code automatically becomes invalid.
  • Also, you can resend e-Cards to your friends and family members using the credit amount or by purchasing from your account payment.
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