How To Play Xbox Series X Games on Xbox One

If you own an Xbox One, you must be wondering, “How to play Xbox Series X games on the Xbox One” If you haven’t bought the Xbox Series, you can still play the current-gen games on your game console.

How Can I Play Xbox Series X Games on Xbox One?

Although not every newly released game can be played on the last-gen consoles, fans of the Xbox One can still play the Series X game on their console. Since the game developer supports Smart Delivery, they have the Xbox game subscription, otherwise known as the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Smart Delivery enables up-and-down compatibility across several systems. It is also how the players can enjoy the older titles, such as the one from the original Xbox, on the Series X. Recently, Microsoft has been helpful in terms of interchangeable Xbox game compatibility.

With the new updates to Xbox Cloud gaming, along with Smart Delivery, players can enjoy playing the new and old games on Xbox One with ease.

How to Play Xbox Series X Games on Xbox One

If you want to play Xbox Series X games on Xbox One, you need to have a premium subscription, which is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This is the only way that you can be enrolled in Xbox Cloud Gaming.

After a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, all that is required of the player is to simply go to the Xbox Cloud Gaming icon on their computer to check the list of available titles. Players can also access Xbox Cloud gaming via their phones, tablets, personal computers, and smart TVs. In addition to this, the player needs to have a fast and stable internet connection.

Previously, the video game industry had a change in how the Xbox Series X games were played on the Xbox One. Thankfully, loyal fans of the Xbox One can now enjoy playing the Xbox Series X game without having to spend a few hundred dollars.

In addition to all these, smart delivery-supported games save data and will also carry forward across other systems. This means that if another user has been enjoying a certain game on the Xbox One and gets an Xbox Series X, the previous data will be available for them on the brand-new console.

Also, if a household has an Xbox version in their living room and another one in their bedroom, they can use either and continue from where they left off.

How do I access the Xbox Cloud Gaming System?

If you have a console, then you can use Xbox Cloud Gaming. As mentioned earlier, you need to have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription to access Xbox Cloud Gaming. If you already have a subscription to Cloud Gaming, then you can search for the Cloud icon on your dashboard.

However, if you don’t have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, don’t worry; you can always search for users who are willing to sell their subscription for a discounted price. In addition, there are deals from Microsoft where you can pick up the subscription per month for just $1. However, this is the price of a trial.

How Do I Play Digital Xbox One Games on the Xbox Series X?

To play Xbox One games on your Xbox Series, you need to visit the games from your library just like you previously did on your Xbox One. This is because the interface is the same, and you can also play a digital Xbox game just like this:

  • Tap the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Choose My games and apps.
  • Select Show All.
  • Choose the complete library.
  • Head over to All owned games.

From this menu, you can select any game that you wish to download and install.

How Do I Play Physical Xbox One Games on the Xbox Series X?

If you have a physical disc, then you can take the disc from the box and then place it in the disc tray of the Xbox Series X. The game console then copies the game to your hard drive and installs updates if they are available. Once you do this, you are ready to play the game.

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