House of the Dragon – Synopsis and Where to Watch

House of the Dragon is a movie we have all been waiting for. House of the Dragon, which everyone anticipated, was released on January 1, 2022. The series is not out yet but the viewers are already talking about it. The series is one of a kind because George R.R. Martin and Ryan for HBO created it. The drama, which will be a prequel to the television series Game of Thrones, is based on Martin’s 2018 novel Fire and Blood. Viewers who have watched Game of Thrones can attest that it is not a series to be missed at all. So, everyone has been waiting for the new series, which will be added to the already-released series of Game of Thrones, and can’t wait for it to drop. This series will consist of 10 episodes, whose titles have not been revealed to the public yet.

House of the Dragon - Synopsis and Where to Watch

The series is set two hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones and chronicles the beginning of the end of the House of Targaryen. The series will be of a kind that the viewers have never seen before because it is all about the house of Targaryen. And viewers can’t wait to watch it because it will be a series full of action. People have been waiting for the day and can’t stop anticipating. It will be produced and created in America. The series will only be available on some of the streaming platforms. It will not be available on all streaming websites. This will be done to distinguish it from every other series.

Will House of the Dragon Series be Released on Netflix?

Sadly, the drama series won’t be released on Netflix. However, it will be available to stream on HBO max for every viewer’s pleasure. It looks like the drama series will follow in the footsteps of the other series of Game of thrones. Because the first season of the drama series will contain 10 episodes with no doubt at all. So for everyone with the above question, no there is no House of dragon series on Netflix.

Synopsis of the Movie

The story will focus on an infamous event in history known as the Dance of the Dragons. The story will be about a civil war between siblings over the throne of their father after his death. The drama will contain a lot of feelings like betrayal, trust, hatred, and much more. With servants betraying their masters because of the throne, what more can you not expect?

What is the Genre of the Drama Series House of the Dragon?

With the series being one of a kind, the genre is also different from any other one the viewers have watched. The drama series is young adult fiction, fantasy fiction, and American fantasy. Isn’t that amazing? We all can’t wait to see what the drama is all about and how it will unravel differently and mysteriously.

House of the Dragon Cast?

We are all waiting to see how the characters will play their part. And how tough the characters in the movie will be, because we all know that a series called House of the Dragon features actors and actresses. Do not worry; this article has you covered. Below are some cast members of the amazing drama series we are all waiting for.

  • Matt Smith
  • Olivia Cooke
  • Milly Alcock
  • Emma D’Arcy
  • Paddy Considine
  • Eve best

And there are so many others you can’t wait to see. All you need to do is wait with your popcorn for the drama because you will surely need one. Undoubtedly, this one will surely be a different one that we, the viewers, will love.

When and How Can I Stream House of Dragon? 

The series can be streamed on HBO Max, which can be found on devices like Apple TV, Android, and Chromecast. HBO is an add-on to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and so many other ones that viewers like to stream on. It can also be purchased on Google Play, Microsoft Movies, Vudu, and others. Below is how you can stream the movie on HBO max

  • Go to your account
  • Search the for the name of the series
  • The  series will automatically show on your screen
  • Click on play

With this, you can stream the movie on HBO when it is available anytime any day with no stress at all. Just make sure that when you want to stream the drama you have enough subscriptions and your connection is stable. As stated above, you can purchase it on Google Play, Vudu, and many others. Just open an account if you don’t have one, and wait for the drama so you won’t miss one of the best series of all time with your friends and family when it out.