Hey Google – Manage Tasks, Get Answers, And Control Your Home

Google is used in anything that specializes in Internet-related services. To make use of it all you just need to do is click on the search engine and you can ask for anything of your choice. However, in recent times, you can just make use of the Google assistant. Just like its name, it is an assistant that helps you to get your day-to-day task done more easily while keeping your details secure, private, and safe. All you just need to say is ‘’ Hey Google ‘’. Say what you need and it will help get quick answers, find directions, set reminders and so many more.

Hey Google - Manage Tasks, Get Answers, And Control Your Home

Furthermore, ‘’Hey Google’’ is now available to all the assistant-supported Android devices. This makes ‘’ every job within the App very easy thanks to the voice.  With the ‘’Hey Google’’ enabled voice command you can do things like posting on social media, ordering things online, and so many others. All you just need to do is for example ‘’ Hey Google, open Arianna Grande on Instagram’’ and you are good to go.  

In the morning, you can also Say ‘’ Ok Google good morning’’ and also play music and give weather information you want to make use of the Ok Google’’ but you do not have the App? Just follow this article to the end. That is because in this article I will enlighten you on how to download the app and how to make use of ‘’ Ok Google’’

How to Download Assistant (Hey Google App)

The Google Assistant is available on your Google play store and it is very easy and simple to download. It is also free to download, you just need to make your connection is stable and secure when going through the process. Below is the procedure on how to download the app.

  • Open your Google Play Store
  • Make use of the search button to search for ‘’ Google assistant or Hey Google’’
  • Click on install
  • Wait for a while let it install

With the above, you have successfully downloaded Google assistant. You can now make use of the Hey Google voice command for your everyday task. You can see that it is very easy and simple to do

How to Use Hey Google

To make use of the Google Assistant does not require anything all you need is your internet connection. Once you have downloaded the App, you can make use of the voice to do different actions just like the example I gave above. First of all, set up the Google Assistant app if required with your email and other things.

Once you have done that just say ‘’Hey Google or just tap the microphone and make the search of your choice. Very easy and simple to do, and also it is free to use. You can also set alarms and reminders to pay bills. Just Say Hey Google and you are good to go.

Why Use Hey Google

There are several benefitting reasons why you should learn to use the Google assistant in your google products. On this session, I will highlight why you should make use of Hey Google for an easy life in your home especially. Check the list below;


Set Alarms, Timers, Reminders, and Countdowns:
By using the voice command like “Hey Google”, you can send in a prompt just by saying it. For instance, you can easily say “hey google, set a reminder to (say a task you want to do) (say the time you want this task carried out).” Another example is “hey google, set an alarm for 5am tomorrow.”

Make Shopping List

You can order or shop for items with just your google assistant. All you have to do is to with your phone or any device that has the “Ok google” assistant enabled and say “Hey google add (name of the item you want added to your list) to my shopping list.”

Take Charge Of Your Calendar

Take charge of your daily activities by telling google assistant to add events to your calendar, an example is “Ok google, add (name of the event you want added to your calendar) to calendar for (write a date you need to be reminded).

Quick Actions

Send SMS and Make calls
With the help of google assistant, you can easily send texts and make calls by using commands like “hey google, send a text to ( name of whoever you want to send the message to) or “Ok google call (name of who you want to call) sayin i will be leaving here in 10 minutes”.

Navigate roads and get traffic updates

Get informed with current traffic updates and directions by saying “hey google, give me shot cut direction to the nearest bike store” or hey google, how long will it take me to get to work today”.

Control Home Devices

If you live in a smart home, you can connect your google assistant to your compatible home gadgets. Commands like “Ok google, turn off the light” or “Ok google, set the Air Conditioner temperature to 16 degree”, is the most used in most homes.

Getting information

  • Get responses to questions
    You could try giving the google assistant questions like when was the bicycle invented. Don’t forget to say “Ok google” before send in the prompt. You can ask for anything using the google assistant and get answers in seconds using this method.
  • Translate Languages
    It is no longer new that you can seamlessly have a good conversation with anyone in the world and still understand the conversation without the need for physical interpreter. You can give command like “hey google, what is thank you in China”.
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