Children’s Hairstyles To Try On Your Kids in 2024

What are the best children’s hairstyles to try out? If you have kids and you are looking for the perfect styles for their hair to make, there are plenty of options that you can select from. Deciding the perfect hairstyle for your kid might not be the easiest thing to do. There are varying choices and some might not even be deemed possible based on the length of the child’s hair.

10 Children's Hairstyles To Try On Your Kids in 2024

Nevertheless, there are many ways to get your children rocking the perfect hairstyle that they or you love. Also, there are synthetic hairs that can boost the length of any hairstyle your children want to carry.

Furthermore, there are varying options of hairstyles that your kid can wear gracefully for any occasion. Be it the holidays, a special celebration occasion, or a back-to-school hair, there are endless options to select from. So, stick with me on this post as we explore varieties of hairstyles for children.

Children’s Hairstyles

Here are some simple yet beautiful hairstyles that you can try out on your girl child. Moreover, you can either decide to go simple or add more details to make the beauty pop.

Small Single Twists

A really cool and low-maintenance hairstyle that you can try out on your kid is the Small single twists. This hairstyle is easily done and the child can wear it in different styles. It can be worn in a high ponytail or top knots. Add hair accessories to make the look pop.

Large Cornrows With Curly Pigtails

This is another perfect hairstyle that you can make for your children because it is both fun and extremely beautiful. The cornrows go in the front and sideways while there is an appealing heart detail as well in the style. The hairstyle is perfect for school or any occasion as well.

Children’s Hair Styles – Jumbo Bantu Knots

Well, you can try out a completely new and breathtaking hairstyle for your kid. This Bantu hairstyle comes in four with a zig-zag pattern. The use of edge control will be heavily applied to keep the stray hairs down. You should try out this hairstyle for your children.

Mini Puff With Flat Twists

If perhaps one of your kids is a toddler, then you can try out this child’s hairstyle as well. It is pretty cute for toddlers and babies and it really brings out their innocence and beauty. In addition, the hairstyle is pretty easy to make and you have to ensure that the ends on the puff are twisted to protect the hair ends. Also, ensure their hair is moist and you can add cute hair accessories to seal the deal.

Cornrows with Bead

A perfect hairstyle to try out for your kids is the simple cornrows with beads. In fact, it is perfect for the kids you have who don’t like to sit still very long to get their hair done. Moreover, this hairstyle is perfect for kids in the early grades or even kindergarten. Also, the style is fast and the beads or the braid cuff rings are a perfect accessory to use as well.

Children’s Hairstyles -Fulani Braids

Another Perfect hairstyle to make for your children on the list is the Fulani braids. Honestly, you can go wrong with the detailed essence of this hairstyle. The stylist can go about adding other effortless styles into the hairstyle to enhance the beauty.


Do you know what would be perfect for your children to rock almost anywhere? Mohawks! This hairstyle comes in different shapes and sizes and is pretty much in vogue. What’s more, the hairstyle is so simple and beautiful to make in various ways. Also, you can choose to make this hairstyle in braids or just the hair.

Children’s Hairstyles-Afro

If you are looking for something a bit simpler and easier to make for your kid, then you should try out the Afro style. Not only is it versatile, but even your kid with short hair can rock this style. If your kids’ hair is short, there are versatile styles that can still be tried. In addition, you only buy lots of accessories to enhance the beauty of the hairstyle. Seriously, just try it out. It’s unique and adorable.

Double Clap Hands With Twists (Double Patewo)

A popular hairstyle to make for your kid is the Famous Double Patewo hairstyle. In fact, it is so simple and pretty to make that it can be done and styled in one simple weekend. You can also decide to add cute details to the hair as well to make it more beautiful

Children’s Hairstyles- Diagonal All-Back Stitch Braids

In terms of braids, for your kid to try out, you can try out the Diagonal back braided style to make for your kid.  This style is so simple, and elegant and it doesn’t take too long to finish. The use of edge control will work so perfectly with the hair.

How To Care For The Hair Of The Kids

Before you proceed with the braiding or styling of your kids’ hair, you want to make sure that you care delicately for their hair. There are a couple of things that you can do to get started like:

  • Detangling the hair of your child by using a detangling brush.
  • Washing their hair to rid of dirt or odor using water and a good shampoo.
  • Also, use a conditioner to deep condition the hair of your child.
  • Dry their hair using a blow dryer or you can stretch out their hair as well.
  • In addition, spray an anti-spray on their spray.

You can also decide to cover the hair of your child with a hair bonnet to retain its neat look after preparation and care.

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