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Hard Quiz Australia Application 2017: Welcome to HARD QUIZ SERIES 2

Finally, that ‘thing’ you know better than everyone else could help you win a TV game show!

Do you have a specific area of interest, a topic you know inside out?Hard Quiz Australia Application 2017: Apply Now

We want specificity.  But it could be about anything!  You may know a lot about basketball, but that’s a bit broad.  Perhaps you have an intimate knowledge of the Hockeyroos or a particular player like the legendary Nova Peris.  You may be totally across World War II, but even better, you know enough about World War II aircraft you could go toe-to-toe with anyone in the country.  You may be a real animal nut, but we’d love it more if you were the most educated person in the room when it comes to arthropods.  Or you might just know an unusual amount about Australian stamps.

Please note the topics that have already been covered on the show, best to avoid these: 

The Brat Pack
Wars of the Roses
The Simpsons
Field Marshals of the British Army
Michael Collins
Military Aviation
The Human Body
Punk Rock
Cold Chisel
Dr Who
Capital Cities
Richard Gasquet
Australian Medical Inventions
Oscar-Winning Film Directors
Australian Comedy
JRR Tolkein
Australian Reality TV
Downton Abbey
WW2 Aircraft
The Beatles
FIFA World Cup
Elton John
1980s computers
Summer Olympics
Australian PMs
The Chronicles of Narnia
Renaissance Art
Charles Darwin
The Brady Bunch
Harry Potter books
European Languages

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For general enquiries or if you require the application form in a different format, please email tomquizshow@abc.net.au

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