Facebook Security – How You Can Report Scams on Facebook

Facebook Security: I think we can all agree that we now need Facebook Security to safeguard ourselves and business form scammers. Facebook has become one of the biggest social media networks for connecting friends and families, and assure, you need to be sure of your Facebook security settings.

Without security Facebook, scammers will goo about causing harm and ripping users of their hard earned money. Sometimes, most bad people even go as far hacking the Facebook accounts of some Facebook users to get money or for blackmail purposes. With all the happenings, Facebook security department has upped their game, and are putting measures to combat this, and also get these scammers reported.

Let’s check out these measures.

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Facebook Security | Reasons for Facebook Security Settings

Just like we said earlier, its important that every Facebook user is vigilant, and take their cyber security very seriously. There are lots of reasons on why you should be security conscious, but we will be looking at some of the reasons for Facebook security;

  • With Facebook Security, you can now easily report scam accounts, and get them prosecuted.
  • To protect your Facebook account and keep you safe from scammers.
  • For improved Facebook utility.
  • To help promote a healthy and scam free user experience.
  • To enlighten you, so you know when you are about to be scammed.

Facebook Security | How to Stay Vigilant And Report Scams On Facebook

While we are being vigilant on the timeline, it is also advised that every Facebook user reports any post and profiles of dubious people on Facebook, so as to protect other Facebook users from becoming a victim. The steps for reporting Facebook posts and Facebook profiles for the purpose of Facebook security are quite different.

If you want to report dubious Facebook profiles, then you can go about it following these steps:

  • First, log in to your Facebook page.
  • Then locate the Facebook profile of the individual you want to report.
  • Just below the cover picture of the person, you will see an option for “Report” just on the left side.
  • Proceed to click on it.
  • Then follow the instructions written and report the profile.

And that’s it for reporting Facebook profiles. So if you intend to report a dubious Facebook post, just follow the steps below:

  • After you’ve logged into your Facebook account,
  • Go to the top right corner of the Facebook post you want to report, and click on “Report Post” or “Report Photo”.
  • Choose the option which describes your case.
  • Then follow the written instructions which follow.

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Facebook Security | How to Watch Out For Facebook Scams

They are some ways which scammers get their victims. These scammers will look like every normal Facebook profile you see but always try to watch out for some red flags. Some of these red flags include:

  • Loan offers
  • Romance or Dating
  • Lottery

These are the major red flags you need to watch out for. There have been used for long, and are still been used. It’s important you know that not everyone who comes at you with either Loan offers, dating or even lotteries are dubious, but just try to be careful so you don’t become a victim and loss your hard earned money.

Be careful with people you do not know, who come at you for dating, and the start making demands for money, they may just be scammers. And when you confirm they are dubious, please report their Facebook account to Facebook Security, so other Facebook users will not become preys.

Facebook Security is just to keep users safe from scammers and people with dubious intentions. So report post or profile that are dubious to keep the entire Facebook community safe.

To report a scam follow this link https://www.facebook.com/help/repor….

To read more on some measures to take to ensure a safe Facebook account follow this link https://www.facebook.com/help/21348….

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