Facebook Online Store – How to Create an Online Store on Facebook

Facebook Online Store: The social media space has become a platform for millions of businesses, giving access to people to buy and sell with ease. Facebook has hundreds of millions of active users and is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. With the popularity of Facebook, it is important for businesses to open Facebook Shop so they can get access to the massive market Facebook provides.

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Facebook not only serves as a medium to interact with just family and friends. But it also comes with lots more interesting features which is the Facebook online market store or Facebook online store, which is business-friendly.

As a business owner with a Facebook shop online, you can maximize and reach more customers by interacting via images, videos, and also written posts to promote your business. Many business owners use Facebook as a major marketing tool, and as a business owner, you should not sleep on this massive opportunity provided by the Facebook online store.

Facebook Online Shop | About Facebook Shopping

With the addition of Facebook’s online market store as a feature on Facebook, it has enabled growth for businesses especially those in the retail world. Facebook as a business-friendly social network allows users to promote their products and service to buyers from all over the world just at the click of their fingers. Facebook shopping is shopping made easy and fun!

Facebook Online Store – How to Create an Online Store on Facebook

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With a Facebook online store, you can boost your business and also create and personalize your store to your target market. The Facebook online market store gives your Facebook shop a larger market or audience. On your Facebook online store, you can display your product in the custom app just at the Facebook page tab. Once your products are displayed on your Facebook online shop, potential customers will be able to see, share and purchase your products, using the Facebook online store.

As a business owner, Facebook shopping gives you a chance to get numerous customers and audiences. Also note that before you can create a Facebook store, you must have a Facebook business page first.

How to Create an Online Store on Facebook | Facebook Shopping

Facebook shopping is a great way to widen your customer base quickly and easily. It takes about five minutes or less to set up your Facebook business page, and less time than that to add your create your Facebook online shop to it. Once set up, your products will be available to all those who use Facebook!

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Please note: Before you can link your Create Shop to your Facebook Business page, you will need to have at least 2000 likes/fans on your Facebook page.

Firstly, you will need to authenticate your Facebook page with your Create account, please follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Log in to your Create account.
  2. Then click on the Account Icon in the top menu.
  3. Choose “Site” from the Account Drop-Down, and click on “Connections”
  4. Then, choose “Add Account” and select Facebook
  5. A popup will appear, which is where you will enter the details of your Facebook page

Once your Facebook page is authenticated with your Create account, proceed to set up your Facebook online shop by following these next steps:

  1. Click on “Shop” on the Top Menu
  2. Click on “Product Promotion” on the left-hand menu
  3. Click on the tab “Facebook Shop”
  4. Select the Facebook Page you wish to add a Facebook Shop to, by clicking the “Add Shop To This Page” button
  5. Click the “Save Changes” button 

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Facebook Online Store | How to Market Your Products on Facebook Shop

Follow the steps below on how to market your products on your Facebook store:

  • Open your Facebook business page.
  • Then, click on ‘store’.
  • Advertise your products.
  • Then, Market.

Facebook Shop allows you to list your Create products on your Facebook business page, and opens up your business to potentially thousands of new people!

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