Facebook Notifications – How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications

Facebook notifications is one of the features on Facebook which makes the social media platform more flexible for its users. The purpose of this feature is to notify Facebook users of any important event.

They serve as a form of reminder on the social media platform. These important events can be from your Facebook pages, Facebook Tags, notifications for likes on your post, and more. You can also get Facebook Notifications for an event on your Facebook group or group activities.

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Facebook Notifications | What Types of Notifications Does Facebook Send?

When you receive a notification on Facebook, you will find a red icon or bubble which will show you the number of new notifications received. These notifications are different for friend requests or private messages received and are essential for users to know when a message is sent.

Facebook Notifications - How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications

If you can barely remember events like birthdays, or anniversaries, Facebook will serve as a wonderful reminder. You can also get Facebook Friendversary from Facebook to celebrate the anniversary of becoming friends on Facebook.

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How to View Your Facebook Notifications

You receive a notification from Facebook of any activity that takes place on your Facebook timeline. These activities can come from comments which are addressed to you, activities from group activities you belong to, pages, and also Facebook Tags.

To view your Facebook Notifications, you will need to first Facebook login to your account – open the Facebook notification menu – select individual notifications or just view the entire archive.

To know how to view your Facebook notification on either mobile or desktop platform, just follow the step below;

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How to View Your Facebook Notification on Mobile

  • Since you already have a Facebook account, just download and open the Facebook App.
  • Proceed on Facebook Login to the app by entering your Facebook Login details (Email, Mobile number, Password).
  • Once you enter your Facebook Login details, click to continue the installation process.
  • Once your Facebook App is open, click on the globe icon  Notifications located at the top of the Facebook page close to the icon which represents a friend request.
  • When you tap on it, your Facebook notification history will be displayed.
  • Then proceed to click on the notification you want to view.

How to View Your Facebook Notification on Desktop

  • Go to your web browser and Login Facebook.
  • Enter your Facebook login details correctly and click on login to access your Facebook account.
  • Right on your Facebook page, click on the globe iconNotifications a drop-down list will show you your most recent notifications.ll open a drop-down list of recent notifications.
  • If you want to see all your notifications, just click on “see all” at the bottom of the notifications drop-down, and you will see a list of notifications that Facebook has saved for you.

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How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications

When Facebook notification sounds are turned on, you’ll hear an alert through your mobile or computer’s speakers when someone likes or comments on your posts or posts on your timeline.
If you want to turn off these Facebook notification sounds, follow the steps below:
  • Click account settings in the upper-right corner of any page on Facebook and select Settings.
  • Tap Notifications on the left.
  • Click On Facebook.
  • Click On next to Play a sound when each new notification is received and select Off.
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