Diversity Visa Lottery 2024 – Apply Online

Is the Diversity Visa Lottery 2024 free, and how do I apply for the program? The Diversity Visa Lottery is a program initiated by the United States of America Department. It is also known as the DV Visa Lottery Program or Green Card Lottery.

Diversity Visa Lottery 2024 - Apply Online

The Diversity Visa Lottery is a program that allows eligible candidates from Visa Lottery countries to live and work in the United States permanently. According to the US Department, 55,000 people get green cards to become permanent residents in the US annually. 

In 2024, applicants from all eligible regions will be able to apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery. The 2024 Diversity Visa Lottery program is free. You don’t need to pay a dime to apply for the program. When applying for the 2024 Diversity Visa Lottery Program, you should be careful of deceptive companies. This is because many use this opportunity to scam ignorant applicants.

You can visit their official website to apply using your correct information and details. Some of the information and details required include your first and last name, country of residence, educational qualification, work experience, and more. Immediately after you have been accepted for a Visa Lottery, you will need to pay a fee to proceed and finish the registration process.

When Can I Apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery 2024?

As previously stated, the United States of America Department is in charge of the Diversity Visa Lottery program. And so they decide when candidates can start applying.

It is usually between the first of October and the end of November. In 2024, the Diversity Visa Lottery Program may commence officially on October 6, 2024. Once the application process has commenced, applicants will be able to submit their online application form to begin the process.

How Many Times Can I Apply for the Green Card Lottery Program?

Have you submitted an application for the Green Card Lottery Program in 2020 and are unsure if you can submit another application for the program in 2024? Thankfully, an applicant who wasn’t successful can enter the Visa Lottery Program repeatedly until they win.

Consequently, you can attempt to apply for the 2024 program if you applied in 2020 but didn’t qualify. However, make sure your country is among the eligible countries to apply for the DV Lottery for 2024 before starting your application.

DV Lottery 2024 Eligible Countries

Generally, everyone is eligible for the DV lottery. However, citizens of countries that have more than 50,000 immigrants in the U.S. are not qualified. Hence, the eligible countries include Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Germany, DR Congo, France, South Africa, Tonga, Antigua And Barbuda, Seychelles, Andorra, Dominica, Marshall Islands, Nevis, Monaco, Kitts and Nevis, Liechtenstein, etc.

Which Countries Are Not Eligible for the 2024 DV Lottery Program?

Every year, the list of countries eligible for the DV Lottery program changes. However, countries like China, Canada, and the UK don’t get listed. This is because they have several ways of immigrating to the United States. However, other countries may not qualify for the lottery program if they have more than 55,000 immigrants in five years in the US.

In 2024, the countries not eligible include Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland), and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.

Requirements to Apply for the 2024 Diversity Visa Lottery

Meanwhile, you need to meet some prerequisites before applying for the Visa Lottery Program. Firstly, the candidate can choose to claim the spouse or partner’s country of birth instead.

Or perhaps a parent’s country of birth if neither parent was born in the applicant’s country of birth. But did not legally reside there when the applicant was born. In addition, you must have completed your high school education. And you must have at least two years of work experience or training.

Ultimately, you must have all your documents and credentials needed, such as your birth certificate, marriage documents, passports, medical records, and other required documents.

DV Lottery 2024 Registration

Here, we will be showing you step-by-step guidelines on how to enter the Visa Lottery Program 2024. As mentioned, you can apply for the Green Card Visa Lottery Program for 2024 for free online. But to complete your registration, you will have to pay. Here are steps and guidelines to follow:

  • Visit the Diversity Visa Lottery official website.
  • Submit your online application by filling out your information.
  • Enter all your correct information, such as gender, age, name, email, mobile number, and more.
  • You will receive an invitation for an interview after completing your online registration.
  • Prepare for your interview ahead.
  • After that, complete your fingerprints and provide all your documents.

Finally, when you complete the interview, the officer in charge of your application will inform you whether or not you qualify for the program.

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