Crunch Fitness Membership – Types and Cost

People who love working out can register for a gym membership at Crunch Fitness. This fitness gym provides adequate gym equipment that is just what you need to stay fit. Crunch Fitness has gained massive popularity due to its positive results and marketing strategies.

Crunch Fitness Membership - Types and Cost

However, for you to work out at this gym, you need to pay for a membership. This is usually a monthly fee that the gym charges for you to use their gym equipment. Crunch Fitness monthly membership offers three types of membership for people to choose from.

Each membership comes with its own added benefits. To get in good shape and keep fit, you need to hit the gym. With a gym membership from Crunch Fitness, you will have access to lots of gym equipment. What’s more, you can even get a personal trainer with your membership.

Crunch Fitness Membership Plans

Crunch Fitness offers 3 types of membership plans for people to choose from. They are all tailored to fit the needs and budgets of people. Here is the pricing of each membership:

BASE    $14.99PEAK     $21.99PEAK RESULT IN $36.99
Access to this clubAccess to 373 clubsAccess to 373 clubs
Cardio, weights & machinesCardio, weights & machinesCardio, weights &machines
Locker room with showersLocker rooms with showersLocker rooms with showers
Online NutritionOnline NutritionOnline Nutrition
Power half-hour circuit trainingPower half-hour circuit trainingPower half-hour circuit training
CrunchONE KickoffGroup fitness classesGroup fitness classes
Free WIFIGuest privilegesGuest privileges
Stretching ZoneCrunch live online workoutsCrunch live online workouts
TRXFree T-shirtsHydroMassage
Free on-site parkingCrunchONE KickoffTanning
          ——Free WIFIFree T-shirt
          ——-Stretching zoneAdvanced HIIT Classes
        ——-TRXCrunchONE Kickoff
          —–    Free on-site parkingFree WIFI
        ——HydroMassageStretching zone
          —–          —–Free on-site parking
       —–         ——Ride classes
          —–          ——HydroMassage

The table above shows the membership plans for Crunch Fitness and what’s included in each membership. You can add some add-ons to your membership. Here are the available add-ons you can buy:

  • Personal training
  • Advanced HIIT classes
  • Sweat school kids’ fitness

Crunch Fitness Gym provides all the gym equipment along with several perks for each membership. If you would like to join the Crunch Fitness gym, I am certain that you must be curious about how much its membership costs. In the next segment, I will provide you with the details you need.

The Cost of Membership

To access all the gym equipment and other perks at Crunch Fitness, you need to have a gym membership. This membership gives you access to the gym amenities. offers 3 types of membership for people to choose from.

If you want to register for Crunch Fitness today, you must be curious about how much the membership will cost. Here are the prices for each Crunch Fitness membership:

  • Base membership: This costs $14.99 every week. The base membership gives you access to cardio equipment and the gym floor. You also get to use the showers, free Wi-Fi, and locker facilities. The base membership also includes unlimited access to online resources through Home Crunch Club.
  • Peak membership: This costs $21.99 and comes with perks like access to Crunch clubs and guest privileges. This membership gives access to hydro massages and online workouts that can be live-streamed.
  • Peak Result membership: This costs $36.99 and gives access to privileges like hot yoga classes, boxing, and cycling, along with guest privileges. With this membership, you can freeze your membership and have free access to child minding services.

These are the memberships that Crunch Fitness offers. To be able to access all the gym equipment and perks, you must sign up for a membership.

In conclusion, the price of membership varies depending on your location. Once you are a member of Crunch Fitness, you will be able to use all the gym equipment and other machinery needed for a good workout.

Why Should I Purchase a Crunch Fitness Membership?

You get to enjoy countless benefits when you are a member of the Crunch Fitness Club. Every club is managed by a welcoming staff with great customer service that is ready to attend to your needs. Moreover, several members of Crunch Fitness give access to the other gym equipment in that area.

Members of Crunch Fitness are given the chance to attend their specialty classes such as yoga, Zumba, and body sculpting. One of the popular classes, Anti-gravity yoga, is also available. Participating in this class gives your body more flexibility and increases your physical strength.

Several classes have been created to be challenging and to produce what the body needs. Other than all those mentioned, Crunch Fitness has activities and classes such as Pilates, Pound, Barrer, and others. Some instructors will guide you through activities such as boxing and spinning.

Crunch Gym Free Trial

In the meantime, Crunch Gym offers a 90-day free trial plan to its users. During this period, you can check your fab workouts at home or anywhere. However, when your period of free trial elapsed, you will need to opt for any of its premium plans.

How to Cancel Your Crunch Membership

If you want to cancel your Crunch Fitness membership, there are several ways to do it. It can be canceled over the phone, through the mail, or via email, depending on which is most convenient for you. Here is how to cancel your Crunch Fitness membership in person:

If there is a Crunch Fitness in your vicinity, you can visit the gym and apply for cancellation. If you prefer to cancel your membership in person, you can use this method by providing all the necessary documents needed to request cancellation.

How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership Through a Contact Form

You can cancel your Crunch Fitness membership through a contract form. If you opt for this method, you can follow the procedures below: 

  • Open your web browser and visit the Crunch Fitness official website.
  • On the homepage, you will see three tabs. Click on the Contact Us tab.
  • You will be directed to a new page.
  • Enter your Crunch gym cancellation request information. Ensure that you select a valid reason why you are canceling your membership.
  • Input your personal information such as an address, name, and others.
  • Next, you write down a brief reason why you are canceling your membership.
  • Tap on Submit and you are done.

The company will give you feedback after a while via phone or email so that you can give more details about your membership.

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