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WatchCartoonOnline TV: is one of the popular sites to watch online cartoon videos for kids and also adults. WatchCartoonOnline tv has thousands of cartoon videos available for users and it’s also updated on time. is not just limited to animations alone. There is also a category available where you can also watch free movies if you choose. This variety on WatchCartoonOnline is to satisfy their users who may not just want to watch animated movies all the time.

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WatchCartoonOnline TV | Categories

On WatchCartoonOnline tv, the websites have different categories listed at the top of the site. These categories make navigation very easy and fun too. The categories include the following;

Home: This is where all the contents found on the websites can be found. Finding a movie or cartoon of your choice can be quite tasking while you are at the home page or when you click on the home page.

Dubbed Anime: When you click on this category, a listing from # to Z will be displayed. This listing is just to make searching for any cartoon of your choice easier. When you are looking a watch a cartoon video under this category, all you have to do is click on the alphabet, and all the dubbed anime videos with that letter will be displayed.

WatchCartoonOnline TV - | Watch Free Cartoons

Cartoons: Just like in the dubbed anime category, once you click on the cartoons category, a cartoon list from # to Z will be displayed for easy search.

Subbed Anime: Same with the other categories. Just click on it and find your choice.

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Movies: In this category, you will be able to find and watch movies if you do not want to watch cartoons. Although the name of the website says, the media is not necessarily animations.

Ova Series: Listed in this category are a series of cartoons and movies all in episodes. It’s just like we explained in the other categories. If you are searching for a particular series of your choice, just click on it. And then, click on the letter you feel the series will be found and simply search in the list of displayed series.

Contact: In this category, there is a form available where you will be able to submit it to the admin. You can also send an email to the admin of WatchCartoonOnline tv whenever you have a complaint to report. | How to Watch Cartoons or Movies

Watching cartoons online or movies on this platform may seem difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. All you will be required is an active internet or Wifi connection. And that’s it. To WatchCartoonOnline tv, follow the steps below;

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  1. Open any web browser of your choice on your PC or smartphone.
  2. on the section for URL, enter and click the enter key.
  3. After doing that, a homepage with various menus and movies will be displayed. You can then click on the movie of your choice that you will like to watch.
  4. Then click on the playback icon to play the selected movie.

And just like we explained earlier, WatchCartoonOnline tv is not just restricted to animations. You can watch hundreds of movies when you want, provided you have an active internet Wifi connection.