The Great Australian Bake Off 2017: Auditions Details

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The Great Australian Bake Off 2017 is an Australia television series based on baking. The Great Australian Bake off is influenced from the similar BBC Baking Competition, The Great British Bake Off.

The Great Australian Bake Off series first premiered on 9 July 2013 on the Australian television, Nine Network. The TV show ran for one season and was also liked by the audience. The presenters of the TV show Shane Jacobson and Anna Gare alongside the judges Dan Lepard and Kerry Vincent took the baking game to new and great heights of success

On this show, there is a weekly elimination process as the show is telecasted every week. On the Great Australian Bake Off, one contestant among all the other amateurs is eliminated to find the best all-round baker.

The elimination of a contestant is based on the result of an episode’s task. In every episode, the bakers with 3 different challenges: a signature bake, a technical bake and a show-stopper. The Great Australian Bake Off Judges will then scrutinize and critically examine the bakers dishes. And based on that basis, the judges would then declare a contestant as “Baker of the week” and the contestant that is eliminated is also done based on that very result.

The Great Australian Bake Off 2017: The Challenges

Signature Challenge: The signature challenge is for the amateur bakers so that they can show off their tried-and-tested recipes that are countryside, home based and also simple.

Technical Challenge: The technical challenge tests on which contestant can follow instructions and who also has better technical knowledge and experience to produce the finished product. In this test, the bakers are all given the same recipe and are also not told beforehand what the challenge will be. After the challenge, all the outcome of the dishes are tasted by the judges And are ranked based on the scale that goes from worst to best. To make everything interesting and totally genuine, the judges do not know who produced which dish. This makes the challenge free of biasness.

Showstopper Challenge: This third challenge is for the bakers, so they can show off their skills and talent. Here, the judges are looking for a bake that is both professional appearance and also in taste.

The Great Australian Bake Off 2017 Auditions Requirement:

  • Aged must be 16 years or above.
  • You must be an Australian citizen or resident.
  • You cannot have completed any professional cooking or catering qualifications (such as tertiary or TAFE) in the last 10 years.

Apply For The Great Australian Bake Off 2017:

Below are the steps to apply:

  • Go to
  • Click on apply now
  • Fill all details which include applicant, personal, you, history, experience, skills, credentials, general information, background information, photos and videos.

If you are your home finest bakers then make sure to apply as you stand a chance to win it!