The Block Australia 2018 Auditions Details: The Block

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The Block Australia 2018 auditions have already started and the last date of applying is Sunday 10th September 2017 (AEDT). The Block Australian is a reality based TV series broadcasted on Nine Network. The format of the show includes five couples competing against each other.The Block Australia 2018 Auditions Details The Block

On The Block Australia, five couples have to renovate houses and apartments. Once there are done with the renovation they put their property to auction. The aim of this is to sell them at the highest price and the couple getting the highest bid becomes the winner.

The Block Australia 2018 Auditions Requirements:

Based on previous season below are the expected of The Block Australia 2018 Auditions requirements:

  • Couples applying for The Block Australia 2018 Auditions must be aged between 18-65, energetic and with a sense of humour.
  • You will NOT be able to work during the shoot period.
  • Previous home renovation experience is an asset, but not required from both partners.
  • Long term couples, family teams and enduring friendships need only apply.
  • Submissions of The Block Australia 2018 Auditions are accepted from Australia wide.

Apply For The Block Australia 2018 Auditions:

Follow the steps below to apply for The Block Australia 2018 Auditions:

About The Block Australia

Originally, the show used to have contestants who had previous experience in renovating. They had to refurbish apartment blocks in a budget of A$40,000. The apartments were then sold at auction, with each couple keeping any profit made above a set reserve price and the couple with the highest profit winning a A$100,000 prize.

The format today is same as it was originally, just that the number of couples has increased from four to five. Also, The Block Australia has been moved from Sydney to Melbourne region and the budget has also been increased from the previous limit.

The first season of the show was filmed at Bondi and the second at Manly. Initially, the show was hosted by Australian gardening guru Jamie Durie.