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Solar Movies is one of the online websites for movies. is just like online streaming websites like Fmovies, O2tvseries, and also Solarmovies is also mainly for movies in HD quality.

While on Solar Movies, you will be given access to your favorite movies and TV shows. also updates its movie library and as such, you will also have access to newly released movies all on You can also get thousands of Solar Movies in genres like Comedy, Adventure, Sci-fi, Drama, and more.

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Solarmovie is also categorized into sections for easy navigation for users. The sections you can find on Solarmovie include the following:

  • Home.
  • Genre.
  • Country.
  • Tv Series.
  • Top IMDB.
  • Request.

Just like we said earlier, these sections are for easy navigation for users of Solarmovies. Here is a look at each section, and how you can access all your favorite Solar movies all for free.

Solar Movies – | Watch Free Movies Online

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Genre is the first section after Home. This section holds all the movie categories in their own order. Once you move your cursor on the genre section, a list of genres will appear from Comedy, Family, Mystery, Adventure, Romance, and more. Once you click on any genre of your choice, a list of solar movies under that category will be displayed.


Under this section, the movies on are arranged based on their country. This means that if you want to watch movies from the United States or Japan, all you have to do is tap on “Country” and a list of countries will be displayed for you to make your choice.

Under country, there are thirteen different countries such as Asia, France, International, Taiwan, United States, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Euro, India, Korea, and the United Kingdom.


In this section on, you will be able to watch all your favorite TV series for free. All you have to do is click on the section written TV-Series on the movie portal and then lots of TV series will be displayed for you to make your choice.

Top IMDb

This process is just the same as others, once you click on Top IMDb on, a list of top-rated IMDb movies will be displayed.


This is the last section. This section on was created so that users can make requests for movies that have not been added to the portal to be added. Once you click on request on, a box will be displayed where you will be asked to fill out the username and password you used to create an account with them. But if you don’t have an account with yet, you will also have the option to create an account with the online movie platform.

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Apart from the categories found at the top of the page for easy navigation, there is another unique feature on Solar Movies which we totally love. We call them “mini categories”. Once you log into, you will be taken to the homepage directly.

These “mini categories” are found just below the main categories which I have listed below. These “mini categories” include:

  • Suggestion.
  • Latest Movies.
  • Latest TV Series.
  • Requested.


Under suggestion, you will see a list of some movies on Solarmovie that you may like to watch. Under suggestion, you will also find some sub-categories which include:

  • Top views today.
  • Hot.
  • Top favorite.
  • Top rating.

These sub-categories under Suggestion are to help narrow your search and make choosing a particular movie on Solarmovie easy and fast.

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Latest Movies

You will also see a list of the latest movies on Solarmovie available. This list is always current with all the latest movies you can find on Solarmovie. And just like in Suggestion, there are also sub-categories in the Latest Movies. These include:

  • All.
  • Action.
  • Thriller.
  • Romance.

And just like I said earlier, the reason for these categories is for easy navigation and search for any Solarmovie of your choice. Just click on any sub-category and pick the Solarmovies of your choice.

Latest TV-Series

Under this section, you will find all the latest and newly released TV-Series you can find. This section also has sub-categories for easy search and navigation. The sub-categories include:

  • All.
  • The United States.
  • Korea.
  • Japan.

More countries are added to the list once movies from the countries are released.


Here, you will see a list of movies on Solarmovie which has been requested by users of the platform. You can also choose to stream these requested Solarmovies if you want. This section does not have any sub-categories, all the movies that are requested on will be displayed on your home page. | Watch free movies online

Watching movies online has become a trend since people want to save storage space on their devices. Also, is strictly for streaming movies. You will not be able to download movies for offline viewing, but if you really want to download movies, please go to Fmovies or to do so.

On Solar Movies, you will be able to stream all your favorite movies at no cost at all. You can watch free movies online on solarmovies by clicking on the playback icon to watch online. Please remember that does not support downloading movies.

Solarmovie sign up | How to Create a Solar Movies Account

For you to be able to watch free movies online on you will need to sign up and log in on the online movie portal. Don’t worry guys, the process is very easy and not stressful as some other portals. Please follow the steps below for the signup process you can create or register an account on Solar Movies.

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  1. Open your web browser ( Chrome, Safari) and then enter the URL like on the address bar of your browser.
  2. At the top right section of your browser, you will see Login. Once you click on it, a box will automatically pop up, just click on Join Now.
  3. After you click on it, you can then fill out your account information like your username, Email, and password.
  4. When you have correctly entered all your details, you can then click on the register icon to create your account on Solarmovies

One of the benefits of creating an account with is that you will be given access to watch free movies online and also add your favorite movies to your movie list. With your account on Solarmovie, you can also comment and get notifications of updates too.