Sister Wives Season 7: Brand new season returning to TLC November 27

Sister Wives Season 7 has been announced by TLC, which will star the Brown family. The new season of Sister Wives will premiere Sunday, November 27 at 8PM ET/PT. Sister Wives Season 7: Brand new season returning to TLC November 27Sister Wives Season 7 is going to bring more drama to TLC this November.

The reality TV series follows the polygamist Kody Brown, his four wives and also 18 children in their day to day lives. The new Sister Wives Season 7 will feature sister rivalry, mother and daughter disputes, new relationships and also marriage challenges.

While Janelle’s daughter Madison prepares for her wedding, Mykelti, Christine’s daughter, announces that she wants to get engaged to a guy she just met five months ago. Her mom Christine will strongly disapprove of her rushed plans until a compromise and the couple’s love will win her over, resulting in an emotional proposal.

According to the network, the “catfish incident” has left Mariah still furious with her mom and Kody must also try to repair Meri and Mariah’s relationship. Also, Kody will have to deal with the fact his marriage to his first wife “is in shambles.”

But Meri will visit with someone who was also catfished by the same person and get closer to the root of the problems between herself and Kody. The family will then take a vacation to a remote Utah lodge with the hope of pulling everyone together.

Sister Wives Season 7 is produced by Figure 8 Films in association with Puddle Monkey Productions for TLC.

Sister Wives Season 7: Sister Wives Cast

Written below are the TLC-supplied descriptions of the members of the Brown family:

– Kody: 48-years-old, father of 18 children, husband to four women. He married Meri in April 1990, Janelle in January 1993, Christine in March 1994, and Robyn in May 2010.

– Meri (first wife): 45-years-old, married 26 years and has one daughter named Mariah, 21.

– Janelle (second wife): 47-years-old, married 23 years and has six children named Logan, 22; Madison, 21; Hunter, 19; Garrison, 18; Gabriel, 15; and Savanah, 11.

– Christine (third wife): 43-years-old, married 22 years and has six children named Aspyn, 21; Mykelti, 20; Paedon, 18; Gwendlyn, 14; Ysabel, 12; and Truely, 6.

– Robyn (fourth wife): 38-years-old, married six years and has five children named Dayton, 16; Aurora, 14; Breanna, 12; Solomon, 5; and Ariella, 10 months.

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