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Putlocker movies: Putlocker is an online streaming website for movies and TV series. Putlocker.com is one of the many streaming websites where you can watch movies online for free. putlocker.com is the official URL to the streaming portal.Putlocker Movies - Putlocker.com | Watch Free Movies Online

Putlocker movies have seen lots of changes and updates on the URL since Put locker was launched. Initially, it was www.putlocker.com but was blocked in the. From putlocker.com, it was changed to www.putlocker.bz which was again seized in the UK by the police international property crime unit in June 2014.

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Putlocker Movies: All about Putlocker

With Putlocker movies, you’ll be able to download free movies and TV shows. This online streaming service is a place where users can download newly released movies and TV shows easily and at zero cost. Putlocker movies also support different genres and categories of movies and TV shows.

When you access the Putlocker movies platform, you’ll be given access to millions of movies to watch online for free or download to watch offline whenever you want. All the tabs on put locker important tab window which holds links to movies on this platform such as.


New Movies.

TV Shows.


Year of Release.

A – Z list of movies.

These tabs are for easy navigation, so as to make it easy for users to find any particular of their choice on Putlockers. As a user of Putlocker movies, you can also make use of the quick search box. It is found at the top right section of the online streaming website movie platform. With this search box, you can search for any movie you are looking for very fast, without having to scroll via any of the tabs.

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Putlocker Movies | How the tabs work

When you click on any tab in Putlockers, a list of movies will be displayed. The tabs help in organizing the movies found on this entertainment portal. When you click on the New Movie tab on the main menu on put locker, some additional tabs will be displayed. This is for ‘Added today’ or ‘Added Yesterday’. So when a user of Putlocker clicks on ‘Added today’, a list of all the movies added that day will be displayed.

When you click on the tab for TV Shows, a list of TV shows which have been aired on your local TV channels will be displayed.

On the tab for Genres, when you click on genres you will be able to access a list of 21 different genres of movies. These genres include Comedy, Romance, Drama, Action, and lots more. And when you click on a particular genre, you’ll be able to access a list of movies under that particular genre.

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When you want to find any Putlocker movies fast, you can use the A – Z list tab. The movies are arranged alphabetically from A – Z. But if you don’t want to use the A – Z list tab to search for any movie, you can use the search box at the top right section in the main menu.

Watch Putlockers Movies  Online| How to Stream Putlocker Movies

You can watch Putlocker movies online if you do not want to download them. You can always stream movies that are available from Putlockers by making use of their web browser. To know how to stream Putlocker movies, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open any web browser of your choice ( Safari browser, Chrome browser). Then enter the web address as www.putlocker.ch in the address bar section on your web browser.
  2. If you don’t know where the movie you want falls under, you can just do a quick search in the search box.
  3. After finding the movie you want to stream or watch online, select the movie. Do this by clicking on it and then wait for the next window to load up.
  4. After that, you can then click on the play icon to play the movie.

One good thing about Putlocker is the fact that it does not require the users to go through any rigorous registration process to create any user account. Putlockers is an open online streaming website. Where users can access the portal without having to create an account or sign up.

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Note: I also noticed that whenever you write the URL www.putlocker.com in your address bar, it redirects to www.watchfree.to