Pumble – Download Pumble on Windows, Android, and iOS

Pumble – There are several Team chat App on the internet today, that allows teams to communicate and collaborate with one another. Some of such communication and collaboration management application are Slack, Microsoft Team, Google Chat, Discord, and much more. 

Pumble - Download Pumble on Windows, Android, and iOS

However, deciding on which to make use of could be very tasking, and so I hereby introduce to you” Pumble” an exclusive Team chats App for your team collaboration. Pumble stands out to be a Free team chat App that allows teams of all sizes to collaborate. This app is one of the best alternatives to Slack and Microsoft teams.

Furthermore, Pumble helps you to connect with everyone in your company regardless of their location. You will have real-time communication with all your teams on this platform because it also supports videos chat, group conference calls, file sharing, and much more. Pumble has a specially customize web and mobile notification, simple workplace administration and it enables you to be more productive by reducing time spent searching for critical information.

You can access Pumble via your device’s web browser. Also, this team chat app is compatible with several devices downloaded on your Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Mac (M1). With Pumble, you get to enjoy unlimited calls, Unlimited users, unlimited history all for free.

Features of Pumble

There several amazing features of Pumble you will find really exciting and interesting. Unlike other team chat app, Pumble stands out among others this is due to all its features and they are all for free. Below are some of the features of Pumble:

  • It enables you connect with other team members in your company, organization or firm
  • Pumble enables you to effortless share and upload filles, images and links with other team members
  • Unlimited access to all your chat history
  • It is 100% Free
  • Project Management
  • Invite Unlimited number of users
  • It available on different platforms e.g., Mobile App, Desktops App and Web App
  • Direct messages and notification
  • It supports video chat and conference calls

Some other amazing features of Pumble are, you can connect to other third-party apps and service. Which enables you to get more value from all your existing tools. Also, with the application built-in company directory with job roles and contact information, you will be able to understand the duties of your coworkers.

Pumble App Download

In the meantime, Pumble App can be downloaded on your android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, and Mac(M1) devices. The App enables you to collaborate with your teams anywhere and anytime. When you download the App, you will be able to access all the features of the platform. Meanwhile, the downloading process is very much easy to go about and steps on how to download each will be provided in this part of the article.

For Android and iOS users

  • Visit your Google play store or Apple store
  • Search for Pumble Team Chat
  • Hit on the Install or Get button when found
  • Launch and Open the App

For Desktops

  • Open your window web browser
  • Visit the official website
  • On the Homepage Navigate down
  • Then, click on Get for windows or Linux or Mac or Mac(M1)

After that, the Pumble App will immediately start downloading on your diverse desktops. To complete the downloading process, you will need to install, launch and grant the App permission to run on your desktop device. You can also choose to access Pumble through its web app.

How To Sign Up

Meanwhile, before accessing the Pumble team chat platform you will need to create or sign up for an account with Pumble. You can sign up for an account for your team via the App or the Website. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the official website and click on the Sign-up icon at the top of the homepage
  • Or open the App on your device and click on Get started
  •  Enter your Email address and click on confirm
  • Then, a code will be sent to your Email address enter the code and hit on the confirm icon

Finally, you will need to enter your Company or team name and also agree to the terms and conditions of Pumble and then Click on NEXT, you will then be taken to your team channel. Now you can add as many members of your company or team to your account.

Pumble Login

After creating an account, the next step is to login into your account. The login process for this chat app is very much easy to go about. Also, you can login to your via the App or the Website. Below are the processes to login to Pumble

  • Visit the official website or Go to the App
  • Click on the Sign in or Login Icon
  • Enter Your Email Address

After that, a magic link will be sent to your Email address, go to your email and select which team or company you will like to login to. In conclusion, those are the simple and easy steps to access the Pumble login process.