Pinecone Research – Take Studies and Earn Points

Pinecone Research is an organization that specializes in market research by carrying out surveys on different company products through consumers opinions nationwide. These surveys are paid surveys, so as participants help carry out studies on various products, they earn points that are later redeemed for cash or other prizes.

Pinecone Research - Take Studies and Earn Points

To participate in these surveys, you need to sign up on their website. Signing up shouldn’t be too stressful if you are looking for a side hustle. Jump on this and start making cash along with other various benefits at Pinecone Research.

How Does Pinecone Research Work?

These are the basic steps you can follow to become a participant on the Pinecone research platform and start your journey toward earning various rewards.

  1. Sign-up: Signing up is very important because it qualifies you to participate in the surveys carried out on and earn rewards. You can simply type out Pinecone registration on Google and begin the process of signing up.
  2. Get a study notification: After signing up, you should get a study notification. The study signifies that there is an available study for you to fill.
  3. Take study: Take the study and fill out all the necessary information.
  4. Earn points and get rewards: For each study you take, you earn a certain number of points that eventually add up. When you reach a redemption level, you can redeem your points and get various rewards, or you can let your points accumulate to get greater rewards.

Why Should I Sign Up for Pinecone Research?

If you are wondering, why Pinecone? Here are a few benefits that come with signing up for Pinecone Research:

  • Earn your comfort zone with ease. Just by filling out a survey, you instantly earn points that you can later redeem for cash or gift prizes. This can serve as a side hustle for students or literally anyone.
  • This platform also exposes and informs you about products before they hit the market.
  • It puts you in a position to influence goods or services that make it to the public for consumption.
  • It is safe because it uses a third-party website to ensure the safety and protection of your bank details. Anytime you make a bank transfer to redeem your cash prize, Pinecone has no access to your bank details.

Pinecone Research Login

To login to your Pinecone Research account, visit the website and click on login on the right-hand side of the screen. After clicking Login, you’ll be asked to fill in your user ID and password, which will give you access to your account.

How Can I Make Money with Pinecone Research?

Making money with pine cone research is pretty easy. To make money on Pinecone, you have to fill out surveys from time to time. Although filling out the household question does not earn you any points, it only helps them send you product evaluations according to your specific household.

By filling out surveys, you earn points that you can later redeem for various rewards. You can let these points grow for a greater reward by monitoring your points balance on your Pinecone Research account page. These rewards are either in the form of cash, gifts, merchandise, etc.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

After earning points, it’s important to know that you have to redeem your points to be able to access your rewards. You have to login to your account if you have to redeem your rewards on the Pinecone Research website or on your mobile app.

Click on Redeem to access the Redeem site, under the shop bar. Browse through the items and select what you want, add it to your cart, and click on the shopping cart icon to complete your order. Be sure you have enough points for whatever item you pick. If you have any problem redeeming your rewards, click on the rewards policies bar on the website homepage to sort out any issue.

Alternatives to Pinecone Research

There are other online survey websites that pay their participants too, just like Pinecone Research. Here are a few that you can check out:

  • PrizeRebel
  • Survey Junkie
  • QuickThoughts
  • Qmee
  • Paidviewpoint
  • InBoxDollars
  • Survimo
  • Branded surveys
  • MetroOpinion
  • MyPoints
  • Hiving Surveys
  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna

There are so many opportunities out there if you want to make a few extra bucks. Pinecone research has proven very helpful in this aspect, and you can also explore your options with this other website listed above.


Can your Points Expire?

Yes, your points can expire. However, your points earned remain valid until after 12 months of inactivity, after which they expire.

How Do I Sign Up on Pinecone Research?

Currently, Pinecone Research is not accepting new participants. However, recruitment opportunities will be posted through ads on websites from time to time. If you come across these ads, you can sign up and join this platform.

Is Pinecone Research Legit?

Yes, Pinecone Research is a legit website. This website has been in operation for over 20 years and is owned by an A-rated marketing agency. You can visit their website to check their security policies. You should also know that Pinecone does not have a Facebook account and will therefore not ask for your login information.

Does Pinecone Research Have a Mobile App?

Yes, Pinecone Research has a mobile app for easy and more convenient access, even on the go. The mobile app is available for download both on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

You have access to alerts or notifications on surveys as soon as they are available on the app. On the mobile app, you have easy access to monitor your points, review your rewards, and also have easy access to their customer service.