Movie Download Sites: 10 Sites for Free Movie Downloads for Phones & Tablets

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Since most Android users share the same problems or challenges to download MP4 movies, I’ll be sharing some collections of Movies Download Sites that support free MP4 movie download.

Top 10 Movies Download Sites for Free MP4 Movies Downloads for Android

1. CrackleMovies Download Sites: 10 Sites for Free MP4 Movie Downloads for Android Phones & Tablets

Crackle is one of the best movie download sites. It provides its users with a fabulous movie collection of popular TV Series, Hollywood movies and so much more. This platform also allows you to You can download free MP4 movies for Android devices, capture original shoots, uncut and uncensored versions of clips of movies that are available in three different categories – Most Popular, Frequently Played, and also Recently Added.

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2. YouTubeinmp4

Movie Download Sites: 10 Sites for Free MP4 Movie Downloads for Phones & Tablets

Another great movie download sites to download MP4 movies is YouTubeinmp4. YouTubeinmp4 is one of the most commonly used movie download sites for free MP4 movie downloads for Android, where you can watch, download, and also upload videos for free. YouTubeinmp4 gives users free mp4 movie downloads for Android with great quality and also precision.

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Movie Download Sites: 10 Sites for Free MP4 Movie Downloads for Phones & Tablets is another download site for free MP4 movies for Android. With, you will get access to the biggest collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

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FullMoviez is also one of the popular movie download sites. These download sites give the users the option to watch live telecasts on their mobile device or PC. If you’re looking for Hollywood or Bollywood releases, this site is the place to go.

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5. Divx Crawler

Divx Crawler

These amazing movie download sites provide users with the latest Hollywood hits. This site also allows you to make regular movie downloads in mp4 format without any registration or sign-up.

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6. Urgrove


Urgrove is also a free MP4 movie download. This site allows you to capture the best movie hits on your Android device, iPhones, or tablet with different languages. With Urgrove, you will be able to get the best visual experience which also offers multi-download links.

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7. Gingle


Gingle allows you to download free movies on your device. With Gingle, you will be able to enjoy the streaming of online movies and also download free movies in whatever format you want.

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  8. FreeMovieDownloadfreemoviedownload

FreeMovieDownload is also a movie download sites. This download site allows its users to watch movies with just one click. Users can also select the movies of their choice from any category after browsing through the massive collection of movies, TV series, movies and so much more.

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FZMovies offers cartoons, TV shows, and also movies for Android and tablets. This download site allows you to catch the best TV shows in the right formats. You are also able to download free movies in MP4 and 3GP quality formats.

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Gingle provides users with spicy Bollywood movies and also action-packed Hollywood releases, available in MP4 format for Android, tablets, and also iPhone devices. After selecting the format you want, you can watch your movies right on your mobile device.

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