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Spread the love is an online game portal, where you can get the best of HD games at the tip of your fingers for free. Miniclip is a free gaming web platform same with which has thousands of online games for their usersMiniclip – | Play Free Online Miniclip Games is not just the biggest online gaming portal, Miniclip is also one of the most reliable websites where gamers can feel and play the games online without having to install the games on your device. On Miniclip portal, all you are required is a web browser. With your web browser to access the portal, you will not have issues like compatibility for your devices as all the games you will need to play is been done online. And just when you think is all about online gaming, users on this platform can also create and access the following:

  • Player Profile Page: This displays the games scored by players, and every player has their own profile game pages. There are also some other details and information about the player like a player’s high score in a game.
  • Matchmaking: Matchmaking on is where players are matched together with other players who have a similar ability to play against each other.
  • Game Avatars: Also on Miniclip, players are also allowed to create lots of fun and good looking avatars called YoMe. As a player on, you are also allowed to change your avatar whenever you want.
  • Games News Feed: This is also another useful tool on Miniclip. With the games news feed, users will be able to get information about any latest high score, friends invite, announcement and also winning and losing of any challenge.
  • Leader Boards: On leader boards, the games on Miniclip are presented with daily, weekly and monthly leader boards or global leaderboards which are displayed in the game.
  • Awards & Achievements.
  • Game Ranking Bar.

Miniclip games are also available on top mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian, and Windows devices.

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Currently, the top 10 Miniclip games you can find on include:

  2. 8 Ball Pool
  3. Archery King
  5. Flip Diving
  8. Tanki Online
  9. Soccer Stars Mobile
  10. Basketball Stars

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One of the very exciting things feature about Miniclip is the social system. The social system on Miniclip gives users access so they can play online games with each other all on As a player, you can set up your own game page for your games and other information.

Miniclip Sign Up Process:

Miniclip sign up process is easy. It is also important you set up an account with, as this will give you access to play Miniclip games and also have records of the games you played. For Miniclip sign up, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your web browser and enter on the address bar section.
  2. Once the home page opens, just at the top most section just the search box, you will see the signup / login icon. Just click on it.
  3. Then click on register just below the password section just after the sign in icon.
  4. Then enter your informations like your Email, password, Nickname and date of birth.
  5. After you must have filled all these information, click on the create account icon to register your Miniclip account.

Also note that you can sign up on Miniclip using Facebook. This is actually very easy, as you only have to click on the Facebook icon just above the page where you enter your informations.

Miniclip Games: How to Play Miniclip Games

Just like the challenges that come with playing games online, lots of Miniclip game users also find it difficult to play games on this website. Most times, the problem lies in the browser you use. Your web browser may not be compatible to play some certain Miniclip games. So as to avoid issues like this, it is advisable you use the recommended web browser which is Yandex browser.

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Downloading Yandex browser is free. Also, know that web browsers like Opera Mini and Mozilla Firefox are also good as there support unity web player. But if you have downloaded the Yandex web browser, follow the steps below on how to play Miniclip games.

  1. Open your Yandex web browser and enter in the address bar section.
  2. If you want, select from the game category menu or search the game you want using the search bar.
  3. After that, just click on the game you want to play and wait patiently for it to load up.

Also remember that Yandex web browser is the recommended browser for Miniclip gams on Web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Mozilla Firefox may not be compatible.