Military Spouse Scholarships

Military Spouse Scholarships – Education is crucial for military spouses, helping them grow personally and professionally. It enables them to overcome the unique challenges of military life. Through education, they can build stable careers, support their family’s finances, and find personal fulfillment, even with frequent relocations and deployments.

Military Spouse Scholarships

Challenges Faced by Military Spouses in Pursuing Education

Military spouses face many challenges in pursuing education due to the transient nature of military life. Frequent relocations disrupt their studies, causing issues with credit transfers and finding programs that fit their mobile lifestyle. Balancing educational goals with the responsibilities of managing households and supporting their service member can be incredibly demanding. Also, the financial strain caused by frequent moves and potential employment gaps can make investing in education seem overwhelming. These challenges often discourage military spouses from pursuing their educational aspirations, highlighting the need for tailored support systems to address their unique needs.

Government Scholarships: Supporting Military Spouses

Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA)

  • Eligibility Criteria and Program Overview: The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program is a valuable initiative designed to provide educational assistance to military spouses pursuing portable careers. It extends its benefits to eligible spouses of active-duty service members in various pay grades, including National Guard and Reserve components. MyCAA offers financial assistance for licenses, certifications, or associate degrees in demand-driven, portable career fields. The program serves as a support system for military spouses, helping them overcome the challenges of frequent relocations and deployments, and empowering them to build meaningful careers.
  • Benefits and Financial Assistance Provided: MyCAA provides eligible spouses with up to $4,000 in financial assistance, which can be utilized for approved education programs. This aid covers tuition costs for education and training courses, examinations, and related materials. The program offers access to education in diverse career-oriented fields such as healthcare, education, business management, technology, and more. Additionally, MyCAA supports spouses in obtaining the necessary licensure and certifications essential for employment in portable career pathways. By alleviating financial burdens, MyCAA empowers military spouses to achieve their professional goals and make meaningful contributions to their family’s financial stability.
  • Application Process and Key Deadlines: To benefit from the MyCAA program, eligible military spouses can create an account on the MyCAA website and submit their information for verification. Once approved, spouses can work with a Military OneSource Career and Education Consultant to develop an education and career plan. It’s crucial to identify reputable institutions and programs that align with MyCAA guidelines. Additionally, spouses should remain aware of the program’s eligibility criteria and application deadlines to ensure a smooth and timely application process. By staying informed about available resources and deadlines, military spouses can maximize the benefits offered by the MyCAA program.

Military-Specific Scholarships

  1. Defense Commissary Agency Scholarships: The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) provides scholarships to unmarried surviving spouses and unmarried children of military service members. These scholarships aim to assist beneficiaries in pursuing post-secondary education and alleviate the financial burdens associated with higher education. By recognizing the sacrifices made by military families, the DeCA scholarships contribute to the educational advancement of eligible recipients, fostering a supportive environment for their academic pursuits.
  2. National Military Family Association (NMFA) Scholarships: The National Military Family Association (NMFA) offers a variety of scholarships specifically designed for military spouses. These scholarships cater to the specific educational and career advancement needs of military spouses, exemplifying NMFA’s commitment to supporting military families. Whether pursuing undergraduate or graduate education, these scholarships serve as valuable resources for military spouses, empowering them to pursue diverse academic and professional aspirations.
  3. Army Emergency Relief (AER) Scholarships: The Army Emergency Relief (AER) organization provides scholarships and grants to assist Army spouses in pursuing education. These scholarships are tailored to address the unique challenges encountered by military families, offering financial support for higher education. The AER scholarships emphasize the importance of education and career development for military spouses, acknowledging their dedication and resilience in supporting their service member spouses.

Non-Government Scholarships for Military Spouses

These scholarships, offered by various organizations and educational institutions, demonstrate a commitment to empowering military spouses through education. They provide invaluable support by alleviating financial barriers, enabling military spouses to pursue their educational dreams and unlock their professional potential. Let’s delve into the wide range of non-government scholarships available exclusively for military spouses.

Corporate Sponsored Scholarships

  • Fisher House Foundation Scholarships: The Fisher House Foundation Scholarship program aims to assist military spouses in their educational pursuits. By easing financial burdens, they provide scholarship awards to cover tuition, books, and other fees. This initiative supports military spouses’ journey toward academic success and empowers them to make significant contributions to their communities and beyond.
  • American Military Partners Association (AMPA) Scholarships: The American Military Partners Association offers scholarships to support military spouses in their pursuit of education. Whether they choose traditional degrees, vocational training, or professional certification programs, these scholarships are designed to cater to diverse academic paths. By promoting educational advancement, AMPA aims to help military spouses achieve their career goals and fulfill their potential.
  • Veterans United Foundation Scholarships: The Veterans United Foundation is dedicated to easing the financial burden of higher education for military spouses. Their scholarship program provides opportunities for academic and professional growth. These scholarships cover a wide range of educational endeavors and signify the foundation’s commitment to creating a brighter future for military families.

Education Institution Scholarships

  1. Military Spouse Scholarships from Universities and Colleges: Numerous nationwide universities offer dedicated scholarship programs for military spouses. These scholarships encompass various academic disciplines and are tailored to address the unique challenges military families face. By providing financial support, these institutions actively invest in military spouses’ educational advancement and professional development.
  2. Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarships: The Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship program, initiated by the National Military Family Association, is a highly esteemed initiative focused on providing educational assistance to military spouses. Scholarships are awarded to spouses pursuing diverse educational paths, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, professional certifications, and licensure programs. This program underscores the essential role education plays in empowering military spouses.
  3. Service-Specific Scholarships (e.g., Air Force Aid Society Spouse Education Assistance Program): Service-specific organizations, like the Air Force Aid Society, offer scholarships tailored to meet the unique needs of military spouses. The Spouse Education Assistance Program is an exemplary representation of their commitment to promoting educational opportunities for military families. By offering financial aid for higher education, these programs contribute to the professional growth and success of military spouses.

Military Spouse Scholarships for Specific Fields of Study

These initiatives not only provide financial support but also offer tailored resources and assistance to empower military spouses in their academic and professional journeys within their chosen fields of study.

STEM Scholarships for Military Spouses

  • Expanding Opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Military spouses pursuing careers in STEM fields face unique challenges arising from frequent relocations and the demands of military life. However, several scholarships and support programs have been established to assist these individuals in realizing their educational and professional aspirations. STEM education serves as a crucial pathway for military spouses to establish sustainable careers in high-demand fields such as cybersecurity, data science, engineering, and more.
  • STEM Scholarships Offered by Organizations and Foundations: Numerous organizations and foundations offer scholarships specifically tailored to military spouses pursuing STEM fields. These scholarships provide financial assistance and other forms of support to alleviate the challenges faced by military families. For instance, organizations like the Bold Bravery Scholarship and Women’s History Scholarship offer monetary support and recognition to military spouses pursuing STEM degrees.
  • Resources and Support for Military Spouses Pursuing STEM Degrees: Military spouses passionate about the creative arts and humanities can find numerous scholarships to support their pursuits. Covering visual arts, literature, history, and cultural studies, these scholarships provide opportunities to express creativity and engage in scholarly work.

Scholarships for Healthcare Careers

  1. Overview of Healthcare Scholarships for Military Spouses: Those with an interest in healthcare careers can explore a range of scholarships tailored to support their educational pursuits. From nursing to healthcare administration, these scholarships aim to alleviate the financial burden and overcome the unique challenges faced by military families in pursuing healthcare education.
  2. Opportunities Provided by Organizations and Medical Associations: Various organizations and medical associations provide scholarships and financial aid to military spouses pursuing healthcare careers. These opportunities enable them to access quality education and training required for various roles in the healthcare industry, including medical assisting, pharmacy technology, and allied health professions.
  3. Support Programs for Military Spouses in Healthcare Education: Support programs for military spouses in healthcare education go beyond financial aid. They encompass mentorship initiatives, internship opportunities, and career development resources. These programs equip military spouses with the necessary tools to thrive in the healthcare sector, despite the constraints posed by military life.

Scholarships for Creative Arts and Humanities

  • Exploring Scholarships for Arts, Literature, and Humanities Programs: Military spouses passionate about creative arts and humanities can find many scholarships to support their pursuits. These scholarships cover visual arts, literature, history, and cultural studies, offering ways for them to express creativity and engage in scholarly work.
  • Organizations and Foundations for Military Spouses in Creative Arts: Various organizations and foundations support military spouses in the arts and humanities. They offer scholarships, grants, and residencies to promote artistic excellence and sustain the cultural contributions of military families in diverse creative fields.
  • Unique Challenges and Resources for Military Spouses Pursuing Creative Fields: Military spouses pursuing creative fields often encounter distinct challenges related to geographic mobility and access to artistic resources. To address these challenges, support programs and initiatives provide opportunities for remote learning, virtual collaboration, and access to creative communities. These resources empower military spouses to cultivate their talents regardless of their physical location.


In conclusion, military spouse scholarships support the higher education of active duty and veteran spouses. Offered by the armed forces, government, and private organizations, they ease the financial burden of college. These scholarships show a commitment to the well-being and educational goals of military families. They express gratitude for the service and sacrifices of military spouses. With these scholarships, military spouses access educational opportunities that help them thrive academically and professionally.

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